What is geothermal energy

hey what is geoyhermal energy
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Asked Mar 11, 2010
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Answered Mar 11, 2010
Geothermal energy is energy gather from the earths core. Which is hotter then the suns surface. The heat is normally recovered from steam or hot water. It is another constant free energy we have available to us like wind turbines and solar panels. One could make their own solar or wind turbines from the comfort of their back yards over a weekend. To find out more about making your own homemade power http://www.HomeMadeEnergyReview4U.com
Answered Mar 12, 2010
Geothermal vitality is vitality accumulate from the earths center. Which is more sweltering then the suns surface. The warmth is typically recuperated from steam or high temp water. It is another steady free vitality we have accessible to us like breeze turbines and sun based boards. One could make their own sun oriented or twist turbines from the solace of their patios over an end of the week.
Answered Nov 09, 2017
Geothermal energy is energy harvested from the heat found deep beneath the surface of the earth. The internal heat of the earth forms as a result of radioactive decay of minerals and consistent heat loss from the original earth formation. It’s is a clean and renewable form of energy because it’s infinite and doesn’t contribute to any greenhouse gas emission.

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Answered Nov 11, 2019

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