How to convert a petrol engine to diesel

how do you change a mrk2 golf engine to a 1.9 mrk3 diesel engine
Asked Mar 11, 2010
It can not be done you will have to buy a 1.9 mrk diesel engine...
Reason for this is that petroleum engines and diesel engines are designed differently and the fuels have different requirements for mixtures, cooling, combustion temps and cylinder size which make them incompatible.
Answered Mar 11, 2010
Edited Mar 11, 2010
it could be done but as (thetechempire) said it does require alot with the anmount of money spend to do this you are just aswell buying a 1.9 mrk diesel engine
Answered Mar 05, 2013
You could buy 5 new diesel engines for what it would cost you to convert a gasoline engine and the converted engine still wouldn't run right. Some things just aren't meant to be. :-)
Answered Mar 05, 2013
Not possible to just slap in a diesel engine, without the matching ECU and wiring harness. You'll also need a diesel gearbox too.
Answered May 30, 2013
Not possible. A diesel engine is build with more strength, so once you fire up a petrol based engine as a diesel, you will blow out the bottom end, or you could crack the block beyond repair.
Answered Nov 07, 2015

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