I owe federal taxes will they keep my state taxes

i owe federal taxes will they keep my federal and state taxes
Asked Mar 10, 2010
No,state only takes for states(ex.if you owe the courts;traffic,city,civil).Federal only takes for federal(ex.taxes,child support,criminal courts,DES overpayments, unemployment overpayments,restitution,student loans).They will send you a letter prior to taking it.If you are married and the bill owed(ex. a student loan) belongs to the other spouse your should file an injured spouse form with your taxes and that way they only take about half of it.Talk with your tax person or call both the State Tax Office and the IRS and they will send you out information on what types of bills and which one of them gets it.I always get free information sheets,booklets,etc. from any place I go(the store,food stamp office,library,school,hospital,food bank,etc) because I have found that either I need it later on or someone I know does.Its free so you might as well take it.Good luck and God bless.
Answered May 09, 2010
no they normally wont even look to touch it.
Answered Oct 22, 2010

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