What does the phrase "strung out" mean?

Asked Mar 06, 2010
Im a recovering Meth and marajuana addict. Strung out to me means when you've been high for a few days have not had any sleep and starting to come down off your high.
Answered Mar 06, 2010
Just some advice, I used to have bad drug/alcohol issues and am fine now. I smoke marijuana regularly. In fact it saved my life one time. If you dig deeply, you'll see that the bible supports marijuana, on an even higher level (pun intended) that it is something we ideally would eat and use the oil. It is one of God's wonders for earth, and in my opinion, anti-pot laws are demonic. Meth is bad news, so don't stress yourself so much over the weed that you lose the real battle.
It's a slang term for when you're experiencing withdrawal symptoms from an addiction.
Answered Mar 06, 2010

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