Can Obama declare an Executive Order and become a Dictator of the USA?

Do you think that Obama is keeping the focus on Health Care as a cover-up for a last minute declaration of an Executive Order with the purpose of becoming a Dictator of the USA... I haven't heard anyone on Fox or otherwise, consider that Obama's main objective is to be a powerful Dictator like Hitler..etc. Using the health care plan would allow him power of control over life and death decisons, as well as hunger and all of the ditatorship symptoms of a Hitler, Stalin, etc.
Is it possible by law, to beome a dictator, and if so, is there a law that will protect the USA people from Obama becoming a dictator??
Asked Mar 05, 2010
Martial Law. Any president can in a worst-case scenario. Bush was the dictator of New Orleans for a while after Katrina.
Gel Apr 03, 2010
ok, im sick and tired of you right wing assholes shooting your mouths off about how bad Obama and Heath Care are when really you don't know what your talking about. And what the hell is all this crap about "baby killing" you people are so conserned about and embreo but after its born you give it the big middle finger and brick through their window. Boy it would be nice to see texas secede along with every one of you fucking dipshits. I even have an idea for your flag: three big, fat, red K's.
That made me smile, thank you andyman27 for lightening my day :)
well the way I see it , Obama could declare himself a dictator. Due to a clause in the Patriot Act that the Bush adminstration adopted. This clause is the Continuity of Governance . if there is a nation emergency like a terrorist attack , or something that effects the the whole or most of the country . He can declare a nation wide martial law, and appoint himself a dictator . the health care bill is just a tool to ration care. remember nancy pelosi " we have to pass the bill to se whats in it " that is the first clue that they were hiding something . now that its been out for a few months now . we find that they have a public option embedded in the law . for the Left and democrats and progressives . If you can't see what is happening to your way of life , I feel so sorry for your children . I am really in lock step with obama suspending the elections in Nov. say goodbye to your freedoms
Hawk Jul 29, 2010
okay, do lib's not know how to spell? oh yeah it's bush's fault!!!!!!!!!!
UTA Jul 11, 2012
the us Constatush (constatushon?) keeps the us from being a dictator ship. so, no he cant.
Answered Mar 05, 2010
It's spelled Constitution.
Me being a high school student, knows how to spell Constitution... now, clearly you don't know what the hell you're talking about... especially if you can't spell C.O.N.S.T.I.T.U.T.I.O.N. lol!
The United States government is formed on a system of checks and balances between the three governmental branches (Judicial, Legislative, and Executive), and the president is only one third of that power. He couldn't become a dictator even if he wanted to be. His goal isn't to become a dictator though, he's just trying another approach at fixing the health care issues we're facing.
Answered Mar 06, 2010
Yeah and his approach is self serving and destructive. The last president made some dumb decisions but the one we have now is the icing on the cake. What an absloute moron.
Yes he could. Read Presidential Directive 51........initiated by George W. Bush.
That's different. That was in an emergency, "Such an emergency is construed as 'any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions.'" If the president were to try to do a Presidential Directive to become some dictator, the other two branches of government could still step in and put a stop to it. A presidential directive isn't like some magical be-all-end-all, it's simply one of the powers of the executive branch of government which is in check like everything else. Furthermore...
"Presidential Directives, better known as Presidential Decision Directives or PDD are a form of an executive order issued by the President of the United States with the advice and consent of the National Security Council." The NSC consists of
roughly 17 people, and a Presidential Directive cannot be executed without their consent. So like I've been saying, no, he could not do such a thing. I think you people have been watching too many movies.

Sources of information:
well now he is a de-facto dictator through the council of 13, he and his 12 ¨apostles¨ , sorry, apostates of the constitution of the usa, and the mayority of us congress allowed gave up them their powers happily in a blink of an eye. and people in usa are not interested in remove him from office, and by the news apparently dont care anymore. So sorry, but now USA is not a republic any more, till august 2nd of 2011 is a dictatorial state (A REAL ONE, NOT A FIGURE OF SPEECH). Aparently officially in august we are entering the twilight zone.
If he tried it would be short lived. He's already on short leash come November when all his "homeboys" get canned by the voting public for dicking us over the past couple years.

Heres what happens if Obama tries that crap:

-Texas secedes from the USA
-90% of the Military is from Texas so they bail too.
-Chuck Norris becomes President of Texas
-Chuck Norris kicks the crap outta Obummer and his remaining goons
-We get OUR United States back and Obummer is in prison.
Answered Mar 11, 2010
You do realize Chuck Norris wasn't even born in Texas, right?
Who cares where Chuck Norris was born.
One of the requirements of being president of the United States is to be born in the United States. Well if Texas were to secede and have its own president, logic states that the president of Texas would have to have been born in Texas.

Besides, Chuck Norris isn't all that great, he never even kills people, just knocks them unconscious. Wesley Snipes, now that's where it's at. You know where all those Chuck Norris jokes came from? It was people too afraid to talk about Wesley Snipes.
Come on, really? If we seceeded Stone Cold Steve Austin would be president... yeah...
Gel Apr 03, 2010
Well, I'm not a wrestling fan, but at least he's born in Texas, and he's not Chuck Norris, so yeah, that works for me.
There's a fourth, unwritten check and balance that is very powerful.

Democracy is, "government with the consent of the governed." As long as the public is willing to accept what the leadership is doing, they can sign laws and executive orders for about anything they want. The politicians understand however that it's all based on that consent. The reason many people oppose gun control is in case they might need to revolk that consent.

Once the politicians lose consent, no piece of paper is going to save them from the wrath that will follow and they clearly understand that.
Answered Jul 29, 2010
The United States is a Republic, we are not a Democracy. The founding fathers knew that democracies alway fail, which is why progressives are pushing for a more democratic system. This administration is like Bush on speed...think about it. Stand up now for the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, read them. Read the Federalist Papers, learn about our history...because this country is worth fighting for. But let's do it peacefully, to show the world how great America remains.
Answered Aug 05, 2010
While I'm not calling Obama Hitler I would like to. say that the reichmark (spelling?) was also a republic and any president if popular and charismatic enough could in theory take control of a nation now I personally don't like Obama but because he is my country's president I respect his office and you know what you right and left wingers are why were in this mess its because neither side will compromise I know this and I'm 16! If we continue with president chuck Norris and your all kkk bullshit then we really are doomed
Answered Oct 24, 2011
obama will do that if reelected, he will do excately what stalin. hitler. mao. and others did in the past and thats start a great purge in which millions will suffer and die at the hands of this asshole and those out there who have their noses stuck up obamas asshole will get ti ass well. mark my words you assholes now is the time to get that tyrant out or start a cival war after hes back in the white hiouse
Answered Jun 29, 2012
listen my fellow americans the time is now to strike, when the elections come around the best thing to do is vote the tryant out of office, dont you people see whats going on its are freedom thats being stripped from us and replaced by a dictatorship, you people said that sudam was an evil bastard and quadiffi or how about idi amin or charles taylor but you people look at oboma like hes a savior gonna save the world and your souls, he aint but I will tell you this, he'll damn your souls to hell if you follow him, cause you'll know what'll be next dont you, read the book of revelation and decide whom you'll serve, and when your stuck with having to take the mark, well friends, only blame yourselves, your bad for selling your soul to the devil
freedom Jun 29, 2012
the obama administration, the demacraps and libs are like a giant pile of shit, it stinks and it seems that this shit is really atracting flies, got a can of raid anybody.
freedom Jun 29, 2012
freedom, a lesson to learn. Never put trust in your fellow Americans
for those of you arguing with the ignorant persons who believe Obama can't become a dictator you are arguing with walls. These people haven't the ability to pay attention to what is happening. They love the man so much that they have made him their new God. They seem to have missed the first part where he fired everyone and hired himself Czars to back his goals. Even better they didn't vote American so they put the next Hitler into action. Can you just say self destruction at work. God Bless America and that is what I am going to hold to he is the only one that can save us from Obama and his followers.
Answered Dec 30, 2012
If ya can't be God, then be one of the most powerful men in the world. Obama is yet another to try to be more powerful than God.
My question is how stupid are you people He is one third,Holder is another third and the Senate(they changed and rigged the Senate they need only 51 votes instead of 60 votes to pass anything Democrats want to they have 55 votes currently this makes the last third he'd needs to declare Martial Law.Why do you think all these government agencies are stock up millions of rounds of hollow point ammo?? I pray someone steps up and stops this maniac before it is too late.To all you Obama zombies .You know they will come for you too who will you cry to for help then??
Answered Nov 22, 2013
The best presidents came from the south. Like Clinton. and Carter. Not from a third world country like Oboma. My grand dad always said a small country would come in and take over with out a gunshot. And it has happend.
Answered Jun 25, 2014
WOW, a question being answered for four years. Who knows, look at history. No matter how great a nation, one person(s) or event(s) will crack and eventually shatter it. Maybe Obama (and other recent presidents) are the first cracks in the country. Our government may protect against a dictatorship, but if Obama managed it then we have one of the worlds largest armies, we house the UN building so that couldn't be good, not to mention it would Hasten the inevitable world war three if not bypass war completely and realese the nuclear missiles. If not worse. Though we have problems, america is quite powerful.
Answered Jun 25, 2014

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