How can I hang out with Justin Bieber?

i love him and wont to meet him I think that will be great
Asked Mar 05, 2010
You have to do something that really gets his attention like getting his face tattooed across your entire chest, and then post it all over the internet like crazy, millions of times, until eventually he'll see it.

Or you could grow up and get over these stupid little celebrity crushes and go out into the real world and get some real friends like a real human being.
Answered Mar 05, 2010
i think that you are really rude I think that if people have a fantasy juust let them they will soon grow out of it and look I is non of yuor buisness so dont put "or you could grow up and get over these stupid little celbrity crshes and go ouut in to the real world amd get some real friends like real human beings " becaus e to be honest with you ni am 13 and I love justin bieber and it is really non of your buisness who I have a fantasy with and to be honest it is non of your buisness who any of these other people on like on here because it is their own choice and not your I have only put this because every page I have read you have put a smart arse comment like get over your little fantasy now I think that you should keep your nose out of other peoples buiness and I think everyone eles agrees with me because to be honest with you I that we are all tired of your smart arse comments ..
jezza May 01, 2010
If it's none of my business, then why is rory123 posting it on a PUBLIC WEBSITE? This is the internet, and like the real world it's a cold, hard place, and if you can't take the truth, then tough luck. I have a right to express my opinion here as I did, as rude as it may be. Also, I don't really care how old you are, or who you love, nor do I care who any of these people like, but if you're going to have the audacity to post something publicly on the internet, you're going to have to be mature enough to handle some criticism. Live isn't all sunshine and butterflies. As for the "get over your fantasy" comments, I post those on these annoying Justin Bieber related questions because I've had quite enough of this nonsense on this website. We've had to lock two or three posts because it got way out of hand and it's all not going to get anywhere. I would bet anyone 100 dollars that rory123
never ended up getting to hang out with Justin Bieber, just like all those people never got his real phone number, nor his address. As for keeping my nose out of other peoples business, again, this is a public website, and if you're going to post publicly, I have every right to comment how I see fit on it. It's not their personal business when they post here, it's a public affair. Lastly, you shouldn't try speaking for everyone like that because I've had lots of posts support me in my cynicism.
i love u 4 ever justin drew bieber I am your biggest fan ever from:nataly and janisha
Answered Mar 20, 2010
He doesn't come to this site, there's no point in posting this here. Furthermore, if you're going to answer a question, fine, but by posting THAT as an answer, well you're just spamming and being unhelpful.

Translation: Grow up.
leave a message on his twitter page
Answered Mar 24, 2010
I got twitter and it's shit it aint even hiim just so you know people x
In your dreams-that will be the only place. Come back to earth and live a real life with a real person. You might just find out you like it-to have a real body and a real person to talk too.
Answered Apr 14, 2010