My period is late and I am worried that I am pregnant.

I am on birth control. I take it everyday and I missed one day. I did not take two in one day because it makes me throw up. I took one pill everyday after that. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex within the time before my sugar pills started. I am now on my new pack of birth control and have not started my period. I am getting a little worried and I don't know if it is because I took the Plan B pill or because I have been sick or what. Please help!
Asked Mar 02, 2010
You shouldn't be too worried. It's common for a girl's to have a late period when in between birth control regiments. Give it another week before being really concerned. If you're really worried though, take a pregnancy test, they're dirt cheap and very reliable.
Answered Mar 03, 2010
take a pregance test because I will tell you now being pregnant is awesome
Answered Mar 03, 2010
same with friend
Answered Mar 16, 2010
dont worry it happens to every girl and the purpose of it is to tell u that ur becoming a woman and that ur old enough for sex
Answered Mar 16, 2010
Uhh, I think you need to re-read the question. This woman is already having her period, she's worried because her period is LATE.
It doesnt necessarily mean that you are ready for sex. It means that your body is physically mature. However, your mind might not be ready for intercourse
Just because it's late doesn't mean that you're pregnant yet.

Just wait, or take a pregnancy test.
Answered Oct 29, 2010
99 Cents only sells a preggers test. You can afford a buck.
Answered Jan 25, 2011
Take a pregnacy test dont worry. Happened to my sister
Answered Apr 05, 2011
Edited Apr 05, 2011
kindly gudie me last 3 weeks before I had unprotected sex with husband I am really worried about my period any solution for this.

May month within 15th my periods over this time I very affraid
Answered Jun 13, 2011

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