Can I do any thing TO make him Stop?

*Friday of Last Week I found some thing I wasnt Meant to see. I found Out that My Boyfriend Of two years has Been Talking inappropriately to One of His Female Friends. I Knew about them Talking this Way over the Phone a While Back but I thought That was Over. Until Now. I think Maybe I should forget about it. Ive Been told men fall in to temption once in a while and Maybe I should Deal with It. I dont want to loose him but Im Hurt..I dont Know what to do Help me??
*SOme thing that he cant forget is my Brother had a Friend that was around my age and would sleep Over. My Boyfriend Keeps Thinking that we did some thing, But I Swear to God that I never did any thing with Him. He only tells me this when he does some thing wrong.. I dont blame him for Thinking the Way he does for I would feel the same. So IM saying this because Thats the Only thing Bad Ive ever Done to him besides crying When He gets mad at me(which he hates) and Im wondering If thats why hes talking the way he is to that Girl.
* Please Help me !!
Asked Mar 01, 2010
Hey sweety, Look I know and completly underastand your situation, all you need to do is sit down with your man and tell him. "Hey if you want to think that me and my brother's friend did some thing than you can think that all you want, but I know the truth and that's all that matters to me, if you dont beleive me than go ask him and ask my brother too." But what you need to do is tell him that what he is doing is making you feel like the trust is slowly fading between yall. And that you dont want to lose him cuz he means the world to you. If you love him you will find a way to sit him down and tell him in your own word how much it hurts you to find out some of the things that you have found. Good luck and I hope it works!!! xoxo-Jen
Answered Mar 02, 2010
More than likely he does believe you but, he is using that against you so he can do what he wants to do. Let him know how you feel but don't ever give him the power to treat you any way he wants just because you love him so much. Be a strong woman. He will only treat you the way you ALLOW him to treat you. Good Luck. Stay strong.
Answered Mar 04, 2010
What Theresa said is right read again and do what they said
sdavis May 08, 2010

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