How to know if this girl really likes me, I'm a girl too?

Ok, it is a long story. Well, this girl is my classmate, we're in highschool and we're both 15, she is kind of weird, but I always have wanted to become close to her, not exactly in a romantic way. Since last year, I've been feeling confused about my sexuality, I feel I might be bi, but I'm not really sure, since I haven't had any experience with a girl.

Well, to continue with the story, we talk, not that much, but we both consider each other to be friends, she says she is bi, but she seems pretty straight to me. She is the kind of girl that goes hugging everyone and telling them she loves them, etc...

She had a boyfriend and recently broke up with him, and one of these days she starting acting really nice with me, she wanted to hug me all the time and to hold my had, but she is like that so I thought it was nothing, she continued to do this and even said she likes me, and that my boyfriend is very lucky, but I'm not sure if she is being honest or just playing games or joking.

I have broken up with my boyfriend now, and she seems to act the same, but we went out as friends and nothing happened, I thought that now that I was single, she would make a move or something, but she didn't, and I don't want to make any move since I'm not sure if she really likes me or not, it would be completely akward if I tried to do something and she rejects me and says she was just joking, that's why I need to be sure if she is honest or not about her feelings.

I even asked her once, indirectly of course, and she says she really likes me, but I'm not sure about it, what should I do? do you think she likes me?
Asked Feb 27, 2010
I'm in this exact situation right now, except I'm the one who's bi and she's the one who is questioning her sexuality. And I'm the one whose afraid to make a move. And you completely described me when you were talking about how she goes around hugging people and telling them she loves them. :) I hope you figured out your situation.
I have a crush on this girl (obviously since I'm commenting here I'm a girl, too) and I had a guy-friend ask her if she had a boyfriend. It went all wrong and he asked her if she liked girls. He was just trying to help, but then she got offended by him and stopped talking to him. She had found out by herself (because while chatting to both of them I said that I had a crush on someone from our school) that the guy asked because I liked her. She said that she didn't like girls that way... I like her a lot and as much as it hurt, I got it over with and I'm not giving up! I feel like she might fall for me! Bottom line is just ask. Directly. It might suck if they say no, but at least you'll have a weight off your chest!
thats soooooo true. if you're not sure if they'll take it right like that, bring up the topic by asking her how she feels about same sex marriages. if it pans out well, then your in for the clear and ask. good luck tho. oh and also this can work for you too SaysayElise. and welcome to the LGBTQ community!
I need help strangers!! I'm in a situation where ok...I'm a little older but I have feeling for this girl and she's bi...she told me she has feelings for me and recently she said she wanted to take a step back and for right now just be friends. I don't mind waiting and being her friend but idk how to watch her flirt with other people and wait in the meantime because I see the way she looks at me and I feel the chemistry so this waiting!
Ask_Sean Says, This obvious answer is sit down and talk to her.
Answered Sep 15, 2010
Welll to me, it sounds like the timing couldn't be any more perfect for you to try and see what happens. You never know if you never try!
Answered Mar 01, 2010
well ithink u should call her over for a study date but befor that by a toy if u know what I mean then ask her things like have u ever had sex with a girl andthen sit next to her then bam u guys probly kissed so there then have sex notin to it

Answered Apr 23, 2010
thats a stupid answer they are only 15 u idiot!
lol ikr
they are 15 but I think the girl really like her
cupcake Feb 19, 2013
hey im bi to and I understand how u feel I think u shuld be foward with her and if she doesnt take it well give her sum time 2 adjust and if she says she doesnt feel the same then at least can be friends and thats better then nuthin.ive been in ur situation plenty of times be4 so it suks if she rejects u but lke I said b4 better then nuthin.
Answered Apr 26, 2010
Been in this exact situation.... but reverse... What you do is you ask her to go on a date where you two can just be alone (study, sleepover, etc.) then, you sit next to her and make sure your thighs touch. Put on a movie and at a really tense part grab her arm or put your hand on her leg. After the tense part is over, don't move away. Right before the end of the movie, snuggle up really close to her, even if shes asleep. If she IS asleep then dont get discouraged. use this opportunity to fall asleep on her and when she wakes up it'll work out. (or if she didn't fall asleep it'll work out after the movie) :) hope this helps
Answered Apr 27, 2010
i think invite her over then go in ur room talk wateva then u ask to asleepover put a romantic mvie or a scary movie then if its scary lean on her shoulder and if its romantic be like awww and look at her try holding her arm or put ur arm on herlap or something and if that doesnt work trybuy her a present saying something nice like with a rose or some thing like that or put on a sexy pj and put lipstick and if she doesnt get that u could trybuying her apicture of 2 girls kissing and give it 2 her write ur name on 1 women her name on the other and if that doesnt work then shes straight hoped I helped:]
Answered Jun 28, 2010
Well Im still in this situation (of course im a girl shes a girl no biggie) but I kinda know what Im doin with it even though she knows I like her.But anyway not my time rite now.....
U should ask her if she wants to hang out for an Example:On Friday then when u guys are all alone move ur hand closer to her hand then when its almost touching tell her how u feel then before she could even move hang out tight to her hand because she might try to run away or get up and walk away and tell her if ur freaked out then please try to forget this because I like u so much that I cant let u go and by the way im 11 Lol
Answered Aug 28, 2010
can I be honest and say that as great as it is that your trying to help, your 11...You shouldn't even be thinking of this stuff :/ and that's a bit too deep, and will probably scare her me, I'd know :(
You should just tell her you like her.
lilgk Dec 31, 2011
n I think my situation is tat............ when I was in gred 8 i've gave 4 little&cute notebooks to her, I mean I didnt gave it sraight but I gave to her fren n ask to pass the notebooks to the person who I admired. but she dont want accept the notebooks,n she ask y,then I said I dont no, juz wan to gave u, later she accept it.... n i've gave her some cadburies(chocolate)& greeting cards, she accept it again n said thanx to me.....everydy when im in school she always like to see me n me toooo. one day I went to her class to said tat "i like u", n she said tat every1 in our said tat u didnt like me, I was shocked when hear tat, then she smile at herself, from tat I kw tat she like me n I like her tooooooooo bt we didnt show tat we're like each other........... thiz is my stroy.......n I think tat im in love with HER
Answered Sep 06, 2010
Edited Sep 06, 2010
im in something like that , I guess...well anyway do what I did! "joke" back! ya thats right,ive "joked" with my best friend (who I like and is a girl) 3 times before I said "do you like girls?" heres what she said back (i knew she was joking) "i think...i do think girls are smexy" after that she said she was joking so,3months later at school I made a joke where I yelled out to my friends (all girls) "put up your hand if your yaoi!!!" my friend friend put up her hand and said "im 50persent yaoi",the 3rd time was not to long ago really my cosin was randomly talking about bi people (NOTHING MEAN!!!) and my friend said she thot she maybe bi (you sould have seen my face LOL) she said she was joking,so try stuffs like that! hope my long babling helps!
Answered Sep 13, 2010
Edited Sep 13, 2010
i think she really likes u ask her out what could happon?
Answered Sep 28, 2010
if u love someone u love them for who they r no matter who they r and if she feels the same shell understand wat u mean and how u feel for her.
Answered Dec 10, 2010
I was in the same situation too and for a few months I thought she acually liked me cuz we flirted ALOT but then I waited too long and she relized I wasnt jokin lik she was and said she couldnt be my friend so I think u should tell her u lik her lik SOON cuz youll be soooooo crushed if tat happens to u
Answered Jun 17, 2011
I think she meant it when she said she liked you. I told my friend I liked her and she didnt know what I ment when I said that and in the next couple days she forgot it even happened :/ and then I asked her if she thought I was serious and she didnt know but were really good friends after all that and I still dont know how she feels about me. So from my experience with this, I would talk to her, I dont care how but just at least try something or else you wont get any answers.
Answered Nov 05, 2011
Well now am in daht same situacion becouse I knw this girl from the school bus lats year. at the bigginig of dat year I use to be quit all the time until one day she started taking to me but I like her bofore dhat so I was just so shy to talk to her she use to hug me nd sit on me all dht time she wanted me to be near her all dht time nd one they I told 2 of my best friens wht I fealt bout her nd they told her. Then I went up to her nd told her dht it was a lie . Nd she was like dnt worry I asseep you dht way nd she grabed my face but I walked a way. I went to her hause like 2 time but nothing happen just the last time I fealt out of her bed cuz I was hella high. Nd she tried to kiss me onece on the bus but I didnt wanted to kiss her becouse alot of people were there. Now we dnt even talk nd I haven seen her saince last year I gueese I needto wait for again imma see ber next year in schhooll. But all you need to do is to love her I gueese
Answered Dec 31, 2011
I honestly think you messed up the chance you had with her all because of what you thought other people would say. If you liked her and she tried to kiss you and you rejected the kiss then chances are she was feeling pretty embarrassed , maybe its too little too late.!
I'm in the same position but she has a boyfriend and my friend told me she likes me too but she still is with her boyfriend and she's a junior and I'm a sophomore and we're always name calling each other and cuddling and stuff like sorta of a hate/love relationship. We kissed once. but Now idk what to do because she says she's straight and has a boyfriend and im just stuck here like ugh. I LIKE YOU! & you like me!'re taken..FML.
Answered May 14, 2012
Play around with her like she does to you, and probably she'll make the next move
Answered Sep 10, 2012
i got a million questions so i'll just stick witha one answer,
how do u even tell if a girl likes you? i've been in love with dis girl since three/four years. she knows that I have a crush on her but she sometimes joke around about givin a hug and junk but I cant really tell if she likes me soo yea :/
pretty annoyin when someone just accuse you 4 bein a lessbow. I gonna say dis once, or maybe whenever someone gotta problem with it.
IF Y'ALL DONT LIKE IT GTFO MY FACE!! bunch of gayists i:
Answered Oct 14, 2012
I was in the same situation almost three years ago. We were friends and I didn't know how I felt about her. She invited me over to her house and I've been dating her since then. I say hang out with her and don't be shy the worst that can happen is that she rejects you but at least you know where you stand with girls
Answered Oct 30, 2012
OMG I really wanna know too i'm a girl..she's too....she treats me well but at the same time she treats her fd well first I can feel the differences between. But after the conversation saying that i'm her second specialist and the first is her FD I totally want to give up to be honest with her......btw I told her twice like" I want to start with you,," the first time she did not say anyth..the second she just gave me some rubbish...i'm not brave enough to try the 3rd time!!!!!!!!!!!!wt should I dooooo???
Answered Mar 09, 2013
make her jealous, by talking or flirting wd another girl, if she just ignore it then she sees u as a friend only.
or maybe the other way around.
Answered Apr 20, 2013
I would like to know the answer also. Ive never sure about my sexuality but theres one girl I cnt stop thinking about. Everytime I look at her I start smiling lika dummy. However she seems to flirt bck wit me but then again she is also like tht with her otha friends so idk wat to do nd im running outta time. I know I love her I cnt tell if she feels the same.
Answered May 07, 2013
Im in the same situation im a girl and she is to. Shes a sophmore ima freshan. Im bi and very nice and I could be shy sometimes butonce u get to know me im fun to be around I love sports but anyway, I really like her a lot shes is soo adorible I flirt with her a lot n I thinks she knows I do, she laughfs at all my jokeseven ones that arnt really funny, she smiles at me a lot and one of my guy friends tried askin for her numba she gave him a dirty look, then I asked for her number and he gave it to me. Guys always try to flirt w her n she practically rejects them but I flirt w her n she practically listens n laughfs, I think she likes me but I cant tell if shes messin around, anyone please help.
Answered Sep 13, 2013
First you need to decide if you actually like her, before doing anything else. If you don't, then you can relax and quietly stop the flirting. But if you do like her, then tell her and let her make a move. The worst thing she can do is not ask you out.
Answered Oct 05, 2013
Edited Oct 05, 2013
This is to a commenter: No offense but asking a girl how they feel about gay marriage doesn't mean your "in the clear" or that they like you. Just because a girl likes girls doesn't mean she likes them all and definetly not just because she's ok with gay marriage...

To the girl whose asking the question and if you like her: If she hugs you, hold her a little longer. If she holds your hand, squeeze it. If she smiles at you flirt back. Lick your lips. Subtle but flirtatious body language can help let her know you like her without outing yourself or putting yourself through a blender to see if she likes you for real.
Answered Apr 09, 2014
Edited Apr 09, 2014
Er well yeah...I meant in the clear for that she at least doesn't hate the idea of same sex anything. I suck at wording things...but yeah I agree doing slightly flirtatious actions toward her could help.
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