How do post vidoes from CamStudio to other sites?


I just downloaded CamStudio the other day, I found out how to make the video screen shots. But I can not get it to the right format to be posted on other sites to be shared. And I also need to edit it on Windows Movie Maker, but when I go to put it on it says that the format of the video can not be posted up/used.

The current video format is: .swf

Question: How to you post videos from CamStudio to other sites (like the title above)

Reason: I play on a site that you can make images and have them showed onto that site, I want to make a video tutorial on how I make these images for other players to be able to make them as well.

Thanks for looking at my question
Asked Feb 24, 2010
Well .swf is a flash file. The exact name is ShockWave Flash. If you convert it to an AVI you can upload it to youtube and other sites. Just download this easy to use free program:
Answered Feb 24, 2010
Thanks, figured it out, but now I can't edit the .avi file, I need to fast forward it so that then it will be 10 minutes long instead of 30 minutes long.
You should be able to import the AVI into Windows Movie Maker.

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