What are my chances my girlfriend is pregnant

what are my odds... or chances w/e

so it was valentines night and me and my girlfriend decided to have our first time.. we used a condom, but she isnt on the pill.. also, we had sex for only maybe 5 mins, I know it doesnt really matter, but I never came inside her, and I never pre ejaculated either, only semen was oozing from oral sex.. we stopped in 5 mins because I popped her cherry... but it has what a week or two now since? she has very irregular periods hence she hasnt started her period for 3-5 months now, and she is just nervous I guess that she is pregnant, she is always saying here stomach hurts sometimes, but I told her prolly just because of her nerves, today is actually the second time her stomach has just bothered her, she is also very athletic and I know this can cause you to not have a period, she has played soccer from sept-oct, and is now going to start track...
Asked Feb 22, 2010

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If you are that nervous about it to the point you are thinking about a 5 minute encounter months after the fact you probably should not have sex again until you are about 25 and mabe married.

To answer your question . . . if she were pregnant she would know long before you. Her breasts would be soar and and she would have less energy. You should probably just not worry so much about sex and concentrate on your education. Relationships should enhance your life not bring you stress. Any thing that causes you stress is not worth it.
Answered Feb 22, 2010

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