Why did the pedres want to build missions

why did they build it
Asked Feb 20, 2010
Hi I think you mean "Padres" meaning father. Many priests, brothers aka Padres, representing the Catholic Faith were sent to the New World, Northern Ameria, USA, to establish their Religion. The inhabitants, the idigenous people, of this new world were used to build these establishments for the Catholics. These compounds are called Missions.
Answered Aug 27, 2010
The Padres wanted to share their way of life with the Indians. The Padres followed St. Francis. They were like St. Francis in that they wore the robes and lived in community together. When they got to a location, they built a church and a community and taught the Indians how to make bricks, weave cloth, and make pots. Many of the Indians at that time were hunters and gatherers. They ate acorns and whatever else they found lying on the ground. The men hunted. The Padres helped them learn trades and ran the compound the way they were used to living--with everyone doing a job for the common good of the group. They taught the Indians their Christian beliefs and way of life because that is what they truly believed was right and they wanted the Indians to know the truth too.
Answered Jun 01, 2011

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