If I format a partitioned hard drive, will data on the entire hard drive be erased?

I partitioned a hard drive to have additional volumes. I want to format one of the volumes. My question is "Will formatting the partitioned volume, erase the entire hard drive?" Original OS was Windows XP, currently upgraded to Windows 7.
Asked Feb 19, 2010
Well yes, and no. If you have your hard drive partitioned to A and B, and you boot on A, and right click on B in My Computer and format it that way, you will format only B. It's impossible to format a drive you are booted from. If you boot from an external drive, and you format the overall drive (as in the physical hard drive, not the software partitions), then you will format not only both partitions, but you will lose the partitioning as well (it will become one single drive again). Like I said, it's impossible to format a drive you're booted from, so if you want to only format one partition, just boot from the other to do it. If it's 1 OS and 1 data partition, and you only wanna format the OS partition, then boot into like Linux for example (since most of the big distros offer liveCD functionality) or boot from an external drive, and make sure you use some sort of partitioning software (e.g. Gparted [which there's a liveCD of Gparted]) to format just one partition, just to be on the safe side.
Answered Feb 20, 2010
Its depend on which drive you want to format.best solution is to backup your data into another HDD and then format any drive.

Answered Oct 04, 2014
NO you won’t loose the entire data but only the formatted partition, first take the backup and then process the format, like this you’ll posses the data and a formatted partition as well, but http://www.maidenheaddatarecovery.co.uk/external-hard-drive-recovery is a totally different thing so in that case you’ll need a professional.
Answered Oct 08, 2014
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