Is it wrong for a 14 year old and a 28 year old to date?

Asked Feb 19, 2010
i know a guy who is 29 years old and he likes a 14 year old and he wants to get in a relationship with her. filthy pedophials
tomking Jan 11, 2011
I'll stick my neck out, and say that Yes, it's wrong. It's sleazy, it's seedy, it's illegal too, and possibly coercive.
But it isn't paedophilia. He's not a paedophile. He's a creepy, sleazy, sexual inadequate. But he's not a paedo. Paedophiles are attracted to pre-pubescent children. Not sexually maturing teens. He's still a bit of a wrongcock though.
Slerp Oct 19, 2011
i say no. I'm sorry but that is my opinion. I know how you feel. but I wouldn't tell anyone anything bcuz both of y'all can get in a lot of trouble. love is love. age is just a number that says how long you have been on earth. age don't matter. who care.?!?! I'm only 13 and everyone says I'm to young for love, I'm not. I say go and be with the 29 y/o . if you think it is love don't let go. you have the right to be yourself. it is your life not theirs. so if you want to be with them. be with them.
I agree you is love. Just imagine if someone took you away from your loved one just because they wanted to. I mean yea I might know what it feels like to be in her situation or I might not. But still I don't think people should be judge- mental about anyone's love life. All because it's illegal does not mean that it's wrong.
That's fuckn gross,, Lil hoe look 2016 hoes would u like it if u threw a party n ur dad fucks ur friends how would u feel that this grown ass is sleeping with these kids.n if u are falling in love with someone u don't know ur a weak bitch if u feel like ur grown enough to fuck random guy on the net thats honestly living two life's he probably has a girlfriend U sound like a hoe in the making
A 28 year old man can not date a 14 year old girl, 75% of young men who date young girl , trust me is to get them for sex and a 14 year old cannot be more experieced than a 28 year old man and her body, mine and mental figure is not ready to take sex 28 yrd old man, a girl like 14 should be in school enjoying her school days ( seriously how can a 14 yr old take 28 year old man with a 9". come on people!
Answered Feb 21, 2010
If you are dating-your parents need to go to parenting skill class and ground the shit out of you-This thing is a low life scum-hope he gets caught and gets what's coming to him in prision. There is something seriouly wrong with this thing-he doesn't even get to be called a human or person cause he doesn't deserve the air that it breaths!!!! Stay away from it!!!
Answered Mar 30, 2010
i hope somebody messes this guy up real bad, sorry, but I hope he burns in hell, prison is to soft for pedophials, they deserve eternal suffering after a painful death
Answered May 13, 2010
nah prison is perfect for him. normally if a prisoner finds out about that kinda crap then they will normally kill him in a very painful way.
well, yeah, and then he will burn anyway
yeah true. and he'll deserve every ounce of pain he deserves.
one word for you honey.... PEDOPHILE!!!
lol at i_like_cereal.
I know that ages don't matter
but that is out of the line
but if you love him and he loves you
its ok
if he just wants to have a sex with you
then that's immoral
Answered Jul 20, 2010
you are insane. iage does matter. the guy cud go to jail for statury rape. wtf thats fricking sick
i totally agree with LoRDKyLe24
I are with you! I think that as long as they don't do anything involving sexual activities then that will be okay. They should wait till the 14 year old gets out of school and is as they call it "legal" it might be a really big age gap but If they love each other they should try. I think they shouldn't have sexual activities until she's 18 or even 19. And no, I don't think that the older one is a pedophile. Maybe the older one is reasonable and understands that he/she has to wait and see if the relationship fats going. Some people accept age gaps some don't. I think 15 years is the maximal age gap a couple should have but I really don't judge :3 (actually here because my OTP has a big age gap and I wanted to know, this is my opinion so please don't be mean about it
morally and legally.
Answered Feb 19, 2010
YES! That's pedophilia! He's twice your age, 14 years older than you, and that wouldn't be an issue, but you're A KID!!! You don't know what true love is yet, and there's a good chance that he just wants you for sex, for the thrill of dating a 14 year old, to get off to the thought of the situation, for your body, he might even be plotting to abduct and rape you. Furthermore, if anyone found out, even if he never laid a hand on you, he could go to jail. Do both him and yourself a favor, wait till you're 18, if he's still interested then, then you probably have something good going, if not, well then I probably just saved you from a messy relationship with an even messier breakup.
Answered Feb 19, 2010
people like him will use you and when you are to old say 15 he will find a 13 yr. old. He needs to be in Jail with the rest of the child rapest!!!!!!!!!
Answered Feb 20, 2010
hell yeah like you may feel like he loves you but its all lies I know you wanna believe him but dont fall for it really id look at it like he's insulting your inteligence because guys like him pull scams like that all the time on young females and see it as he thinks your young and gulable but dont fall for it like that shit wrong he's almost 30 he probabley cant get no twatt and besides your young use that as an opportunity to live life and yeah you may feel loney at time but its not gonna be like that always you dont need a man to feel good bout yourself so I say forget him!
Answered Feb 21, 2010
srry to sound like every1 else sweetie but a 28 year old and a 14 year old is wrong and illegal hes probably trying to trick u to think that he loves when he really doesnt he just wants to get in ur pants...
Answered Mar 26, 2010
Do you think your the only girl he sees? I really doubt it. He needs to have his ass in jail. And if you or him know any thing about prison, the prisoners would love to get their hands on him. I don't care how much you think you love him, I really hope the punk gets cought messing around with you. sorry
Answered Mar 26, 2010
If Who they are in love; they shouldn't know what they are doing
And whatever they are doing it's a good way for thmselves.
BEcause they are in LOVE.
Answered Mar 30, 2010
she might be in love but that guy probably just sees her as a sex toy
Yea or a doll
Im also 14, and i've also had a relationship on vacation with a 28 year old man who was married and got kids. Now when im back home, he is the person I miss the most in my life, but I understand this could not last, and I hope he will never forget or regret about me.

I understand you, but I also understand the people who don't understand you.
I've always fallen in love with older man, may be because I feel and look older than a 14 year old girl.
I personally think that a relationship with a 28 year old man is not bad, if he just waits untill you are ready for further steps when its about sex, I do not see the problem. but when he immediatly wants sex, he is wrong.

true love cannot be stopped. so if you both really love eachother, just go for it.
Answered Jun 28, 2010
The problem is, "true love" isn't the same for a 14 year old girl as it is for a 28 year old man. A 28 year old guy dating a 14 year old is either grossly immature or a serious pedophile, neither of which will do the 14 year old girl anything but harm.

Saying this brand of "true love" can't be stopped is stupid. It takes mothers that offer guidance to their daughter and fathers and brothers willing to give the guy some "direction" in life.
Rob Jun 28, 2010
there is a problem because a 14 year old should not be dating a 28 year old mainly because they are more advance and will make you think he love you, you may think he will wait till you are ready for sex but if he really wanted to anthing could happen.
well I just think people that really can answer this question have experienced a similar situation like this, before they can really think about it. before it happened to me, I would have totally agreed with you. but this man did not do things I did not want, he just didn't do anything further than kiss. I did not get hurt, only happy.
ooooorrrrrr, maybe he actually doesn't love you and just said he did, just like this guy is doing to her. they both deserve jail.
In no some who is 23 and is havin sex with 15 year wht should I do who can I tell
Answered Jul 19, 2010
personally I would call the cops. stuff like that is disgusting to me.
lol he is married and is old enough to be your father........... get a life...go out with some one your age...
Answered Jul 27, 2010
he's a freakin pedophile! dudee!
Answered Aug 03, 2010
ONE WORD FOR YOU HONEY!!! >.....................PEDOPHILE!!!!!!!!!!
it is totally wrong.. 99% of the girls who go out with men THAT much older than them are raped, murdered, abducted... sometimes all 3... dont throw your life away for some old dude
Answered Aug 12, 2010
Where are you pulling those figures from then, Sparky? Oh, I see. You're making them up, or pulling them out of your arse.
And 28 does not make him an "Some Old Dude".

A Sexual interest in teenage girls doesn't mean he's a paedo. You people should at least know what a paedophile actually is, and what sexually motivates them before you start screeching about castration, prison raep etc. It shows your levels of ignorance, and ignorance is partly how real paedophiles get away with what they get away with.
Slerp Oct 19, 2011
I like Cereal your right that happened to my cuz she got pregnant!
The reality of what you say is actually 100% bullshit that you've just made up in your own mind or someone has totally warped you sense of reality, with their lack of intelligence and research, the fact is that more normal(as society would call them)heterosexual men rape and molest children then any true pedophile would... plus more family members and relatives are found to be responsible for child molestation and rape of children then any stranger...
your a complete idiot for even asking a question like this like sit down and think does this make any kind of snese to you 14 28 wtf are you thinking about that dude is nothing but a rapist waiting for you to slip up if I was your father I would beat you into next year then beat the guy into the ground complete nonsense
Answered Aug 17, 2010
it was only kissing, whats the deal if you both love eachother. I understand its strange to hear for you, but all my friends accept it. he could be my father biologically, but if he was a father at 14 we would have a bigger problem then when he kisses a 14 year old girl when he is 28. we're still in contact, after the vacation. there a so many people who've had an affair with a older person. open your eyes people, almost everyone is cheating..
Answered Sep 08, 2010
look most of yall think that hes just usin her bt , I kno yall find it hard too believe he probably does want more than just sex, u cant help who u fall inlove with , or want too be with,. Every1 is different there not all tha same, if u really care for him u would wait, instead of havin him get locked up for who knows how lonq bt its not worth it he may love u bt there is a sayn TRUE LOVE WAITS! ; he already lived his life .u have tha rest of urs too qo please, take my advice leave him alone nd if its meant too be than it will be wen u get older..ikno its hard too let go bt its nt worth seein tha person u love get put behind bars..WAKE UP && FACE REALITY .... its not worth it no matter how lonq u nd him been toqether no matter how much yall been thru, ITS NOT. its not a qood feelinq too have somebody locked up over u then ur qunna feel lyk its ur fault,trust me I kno,...he may dearly love u nd care for you,bt just let it qo til tha riqht time.
Answered Oct 04, 2010
Depends what country, if UK (where im from) then no, it's not ilegal but you just CANT have Sex with them.

But try and find someone your own age perhaps?

(not trying to be rude but if you like them, then so be it. But it's ilegal if you have Sex because it'l be classed as "Rape" (charge on the person who's older))
Answered Oct 07, 2010
Edited Oct 07, 2010
well there is nothing wrong in having a relationship with a 28 year old. I am 14 and I am in love with a guy who is 28 years, he loves me and I loves him. My parents are against it but his parents are willing to accept me.
Answered Oct 21, 2010
right listen 2 me right now I was 14 and went out with a 28 year old at the time I am now 22 it is completly wrong all 2gther no man off that age wud wnt 2 go wiv sum 1 ur age . im tellin you right now that its wrong do you fink ur in luv wiv him which is the sad fing u actually fink ur in luv. but let me tell u 1 fing the same fing appened 2 me no real man wud go wiv a 14 year old girl dnt fall for wot he tells u n plz dnt b stupid he does not luv u he never will even if he tells u sop deep dwn inside u knw its wrong. talk 2 any adult n that even means men n even men wud tell u that i8s wrong. u might think ur in love but remember one fing he aint in love with you he will tellu that so u will av sex wiv him they try n control ur mind u prob will fink im in luv with him but thats hw hes gna mke u feel. av u got a sister or bro if a 28 year old tryed avin sex wiv them wud u agree with it I doubt it. realise plz I am beggin u wen u get older u will meet sum 1 who luvs u he is a peado get rid now n b strong n if u r listenin u peado ur sick leave her alone cos no matter wot a 14 year old girl should not b wiv a 28 year old man u sicko . n if it was right your parents wudent go mad wudf they realise plz before its 2 late it is wrong I hope u realise this nw instead of wen your older . ask him wot does he knw about u go on ask him and I bet hes also got a gf
Answered Nov 06, 2010
1st of all, who said it was a girl thats 14 years old? ( Sorry, I just skimmed through and never saw it, so if the girl is the 14 just ignore this ) 2nd of all, You dont have to be a certain age to feel "True Love", it can happen at any age/time, it might be less likely to happen when your younger but that doesn't mean its impossible, I my self am 14 and im in LOVE with the most wonderful girl in the word, I would go to the edge of the world and back for her, just to see her smile, I would cherish and love her for all of eternity, if that isnt true love, then what is? 3rd just because Older men have been known to rape, abduct, and murder younger boys and girls, doesnt mean thats going to happen 100% of the time, this doesnt mean you should not be careful, just means, maybe hes not interested in raping/kidnapping/murdering you, maybe he just loves you because of your personality. Just because you are younger doesnt make you immature and incapable of feeling true love, just because your older, doesnt make you a pedophile.
Answered Dec 09, 2010
I totally agree with you, thank you. I will never regret my affair with my 28year old lover, nobody know it, so ive hurted nor me nor his wife. Thank you for your reaction.
I am totally with you jakanddax.
jakanddax thank you! finally a kid that has some common sense and knows what he is talking about, if only more young people would speak as if they were educated and knew what they were talking about instead of parroting what they only heard and were taught to believe since childhood.
Thank you
well I understand where this kid is coming from because im 14 and im kinda in the same posistion but falling for a 26 year od. its very hard with having the guy tell you all this great amazing stuff about you,and obviously since we are so young we love to hear it so of course we think its the truth.just can't help it,it comes naturally.i've been through hell and back it seems like in my whole 14 years I feel like im mature enough to be an 18 year old,i've made plenty of mistakes in the past but,i honestly don't think this guy is a mistake yeah hes older but age is nothing but a number and hes not ugly so thats a plus,it doesnt mean hes a sick perv if he wants to date me hes not in it for sex and trust me I know,so hunny what i'd say is go with follow what you want and if god for some reason doesnt want it to work out then it wont,but if its really good for you then it will :D
Answered Jan 28, 2011
I know how you feel. I am 14 and I myself think I like...(brace yourselves) a guy who is 31...He knows but has done nothing to prevent my feelings. He hasn't even mentioned it. He just acts completely normal around me. We're just friends but this doesn't make the feeling go away. It is difficult and I understand what all these people are saying becuase it does sound very wrong but people can't help who they like! And maybe this guy doesn't want to hurt them! Like, I have known this guy for about 3 and a half years now and we are close friends and I don't believe that he would hurt me at all. If it is love then just wait a few years. It's ony 4 after all. You can still date if you're in the UK. You just can't have sex. If he really loves you then he will understand and he will agree and maybe even the one to suggest it! But if you haven't known him for very long then obviously be careful. But you can't help who you love. x
Answered Feb 08, 2011
come on people..i don`t believe it`s wrong.I mean,yes,of course,if the only thing he wants from you is sexual relationships,then you should definitely forget about him.But I think,it doesn`t depend on a person`s age-you can be the same age with your partner and there`s no guarantee that sex is not the only thing he wants from you,meanwhile a person older than you can truly love you without any bad thoughts,and on the contrary.The point is that you have to have enough experience to be able to understand him and his relation to you and you`ll be fine.Good luck:)
Answered Nov 04, 2011
Im 24 and im in love with a 14 year old girl. I have known her for over a year and a half and I am absolutely crazy about her. Her grandparents found out that we were talking so I cannot see her or talk to her until she is 18. I fully plan on not seeing any other girls and hope and pray that this girl will still be into me in 4 years. I have never had any sexual contact with her...and was not planning on having any until she is older. I met her because my younger cousin that I hang out with alot has a girlfriend and the girl that I love is her little sister. She was already havin sexual contact before I ever met her and now she says that she wants to wait for me on her 18th not always is the older guy just looking for a sex toy and believe it or not from talkin with her she probably has more sexual experience than I have. You should always be weary of older men and younger women but not always is the older guy a my case I found someone that I am totally in love with and I pray that she will give me a chance to be her man when she is old enough.
Answered Jan 17, 2012
If the guy got found out for having sex with a 14 year old girl and she didn't make a statment and her parents didnt make a statment, what would the outcome be??
Answered Jan 28, 2012
my girlfriend was in a similar situation a month before we went out with a guy named joe but she was 16 and him 32 I'll tell you what I told her if he really loved you he wouldn't try to get with you when he double your age and I bet she just to trusting and that guys to sick.
Answered Feb 10, 2012
your stupid for falling for it and he's a creep by taking advantage of your feelings.
Answered Oct 04, 2012

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