What can cause a man's penis to smell bad

what is it that can cause a mans penis to start smelling like an acid fish smell?
Asked Feb 19, 2010

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Various STDs or a urinary track infection (UTI), or a yeast infection (though rare, guys can actually get it).
Answered Feb 19, 2010
It's called TRY washing the stinkie thing
Answered Feb 19, 2010
Its very simple and straight. You don’t a doctor to tell you that it’s all got to do with poor hygiene. Lack of good hygiene in your private organs can cause some serious infections and this can lead to disorders as well. Hence, one should take proper care. Hygiene should be maintained to avoid disorders like herpes.

Answered Feb 11, 2011
Edited Feb 11, 2011
The skin of the penis will not smell by itself, unless with poor hygiene. The most common cause of a fishy smell is due to urinary track infection.

Answered Feb 25, 2011
After you wank, don't just wipe it dry. Wash it. Especially if you are UNcircumcised, dude.
Stop putting it inside your girl unless she washes herself out. That's a common fishy smelling spot.
Answered Apr 23, 2012
This is the RIGHT answer: your butt sweats, and you cant feel it. The sweat goes to your "area" and makes it smell bad
Answered Nov 05, 2013

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