How to delete messeges from an lg env2 with a dead screen?

Okay my inernal screen is deade and I would like to delete all my messages because it's not letting me read them and I'm getting fusturated can u please show me how to delete them?
Asked Feb 15, 2010
Why do you want to delete them? If the screen is dead, there's no reason to.
okay I can use my external screen but my inbox is fulll so I cant get to delete them bc idk where the option is
i can see my inbox from my external screen but my internal screen is dead and my inbox is full all I need is to delete my inbox so I can get my other messages my inernal board works its just the screen that is dead
simple, you dont
Answered Feb 15, 2010
but I can I just need the help to get to my delete all messages options my external screen works
Using your external screen, select one of the messages, and there should be an option to delete the message somewhere while viewing the message. Look near the bottom for something like "Delete" or "Options". Then just press the corresponding menu button and select delete.
Answered Feb 16, 2010
i cant it only deletes with my internal screen
That doesn't exactly make sense. Can you provide more detail or possibly even pictures? You can use to upload your pictures.

I am having the exact same problem and it is so frustrating! I cannot delete messages from the external screen, THERE IS NO OPTION. And, my internal screen is broken. therefore, I cannot receive new messages and my phone constantly rings to alert me that my inbox is full.

How do I erase my texts?
Answered May 07, 2010
ummm myy env2 optoi. buttinis like busted and I have 200 and sumtin meges and I needa delte themm all fast how cn I do that besause me goin to to the mesage a manully deltting them is takin to long is thier antoher way
I have the same problem, only a month until contract end, yey!

Open your phone push the left bar button once, then the right bar button once, then okay button once. Wait a minute then close your phone. Open your inbox from the front screen and all of the messages should be deleted, except for any locked ones. Hope this helps!!
Answered Jun 25, 2010
Can you explain exactly how to forward a text message? I'd like to send my picture messages to my email since they cant be view with my internal screen.
This is not working. Can you explain a little bit more?
Answered Nov 17, 2010
I have the same problem. I dropped my env2 phone and the internal screen is blank. I couldn't erase my inbox or even worst, I couldn't see the X-Rated pics my girl sent me. to erase your inbox, follow these steps:

1. Open phone to internal screen
2. Press top left button. (at the top of the keyboard)
3. Then press the top right button. (at the top of the keyboard)
4. Press down three times
5. Press the OK button twice
Answered Jan 13, 2011
5. Press the OK button
6. Press down once (to go from cancel to confirm)
7. Press OK button
Worked perfectly! Thanks.
Mgerma1 Jan 31, 2013

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