Is it possible to get pregnant at 60

I am 60 been through menapause my male friend is much younger 37 he insists I can get pregnant I would love to have a child now and so would he but I don't beleive it is possible for me. I am in excellant health - very active and usually mistaken for 45 years old but I am 60
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Asked Feb 14, 2010
Edited Feb 14, 2010
I wish you the best.Please keep me informed. I too am 60 so is my new hubby who never had a child. We think we might be now.Praying for you guys.
I have heard of a 83 yr. old getting pregnant. about 3 years ago, yea its possible.
Answered Feb 14, 2010
Edited Feb 14, 2010
yup its possible but dangerous foryou
Answered Feb 14, 2010
If you have been through menopause, then no, you won't get pregnant because you're barren. Lots of women get pregnant at 60, and older too, but that's only because not all women go through menopause at the same time.
Answered Feb 15, 2010
That is gross! You could practically be a grandmother at your age! How about adoption!? Your 37 year old friend is messed up. Talk about a cougar...
Answered Feb 26, 2010
YOU should be shamed.
shut up unless you are smart enough to know what it means to want a child
Why would it be gross if two people are in love. Apparently you have some sexual related bias for some reason. Were you molested at a young age ? Not accusing just trying to figure out the mental reasoning behind your statement.
Sadan9 Jun 05, 2015
Iagree l been tried to have a babie for 29 years thas a bless from god if you conceived a babie at 60 go for ?

a) yes, it is possible through in vitro fertilization
b) how safe it is depends on your health
c) there are many considerations: your age, family history, ability to care for a child in later years.

My wife is pregnant at 61; we have a wonderful son but always wanted more children. We are praying that everything will be OK. Stay tuned.
Answered Apr 15, 2010
We are praying 4 you.We hope all is well.we too are thinking we are pregnant @ age 60. it can happen . god only knows what is in our hearts and hears our fervent prayers, never mind what people say or think. god bless and keep you both.sometimes we listen to others ,but the bottom line is what do want ==it is to give to our relationship=the one thing that makes us whole==a child.It is a blessing from god and no one person should ever take it as a joke.
Iam 61and am feeling quickening for over 2weeks. I have 9 grown ex husband came back home in march and we made love like never before. I never thought if pregnacy for Gods sake!! I am too old...but I know what I feel. at first I thought it was muscel spasms..but there was no pain. That was 9-6-13, its 9-22-13 and they are stronger and I feel my womb whrn I lay on my stomach. The kicks now can be seen by others. My ex doesnt know.. this is a miracle from God!
norah Sep 22, 2013
That would be a very selfish thing for you to do. Think of the child for god sake, It would be very hard for that child going to school and other functions and always having to explain that you are not his grandmother but his or her mother. I'm 48 and I have a six year old grandson that is a true joy in my life. How would someone of your age be able to keep up with all of the activities, like sporting avents or just running and chasing around a child. When that child would go to college or get married that would make you how old? Think hard before making a life time decision that doesn't only involve you and your mate.
Answered Apr 16, 2010
Really? I'm 60 years old and more active than alot of people in their 40's! I chase grandchildren around all the time! I'm always asked to watch kids! I'm a very young 60 year old! I'm healthy and in great shape. And if it weren't for my hair color, most people don't believe my age! I say, if GOD blesses you with a baby, love it with all you've got! How dare anyone condemn you before they know the whole story! I am 8 years older than my husband, who never had children of his own and I would have done anything to give him the child he deserved. Follow your heart Mamma! Blessings!
Amen sister.People only wish for a child at any age and if you are blessed to have one ,it was a meant to be,so some people criticize , wishing they were able to have such a special child at any time.pray for yhose as well as I pray for all of us who want a child with the man they love.
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Answered Apr 27, 2010
Unfortunatley I would say its very doubtful, but you never know x
Answered Sep 25, 2013
I am 55 and although fertility clinics in Cyprus will accept me for assessment for
IVF using donated eggs I am frightened od the treatments involved.
Please, who out there has done it - I mean been through IVF with donated eggs
in Cyprus?

Julia Mary
Answered Oct 24, 2014
I'm 61 and would love to get pregnant I adopt one and have two of my own and would love to get pregnant again so what if you too old to get pregnant it should not metter how old a women is if she want to have a child at her age. some of these younger women die so often giving birth each year so what. if a older women could pay and have it did so what it should not matter what anybody thanks some of these young girls get pregnant everyday and can't take care of there Got damn freaking kids so who give a good got damn #StandUpForWhatsMatter
Answered Mar 07, 2017
yes I agree age shoul not matter how old a women is.
it is true you can get pregnant
Answered Nov 14, 2017

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