Has anyone ever have trouble canceling vonage?

I have called Vonage twice, to cancel my service with them & they refuse to do so. Last time I told the girl that I called to cancel my service...just do it, and I hung up. Then, I get an e-mail saying "we are glad that you have deicded to stay with Vonage." Has anyone out there had any problems with them?
Asked Feb 14, 2010
Report to your state Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau then put aside 2 hours to go through the cancellation process with Vonage where they'll give you lots of hassle. Think of it as a game, stay with it, UNTIL YOU GET A CANCELLATION CONFIRMATION NUMBER. They're a bunch of despicable people. Good luck.
Answered Feb 15, 2010
While going through identical process, slugging for every inch, I found a straight-up VoIP provider. I got great service; it's worth a look. http://bit.ly/95fy53
rrt May 24, 2010

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