Why is it just sooo hard for us to admit how we feel?

Why doesnt he just come right out and say it??
Asked Feb 12, 2010
Edited Feb 17, 2010
You screwed up, it's too late. Most people will probably say things like, "Tell him you made a mistake." or, "Be really really nice to him." etc... but he took a chance by asking you out, you burned him, and now you want him? Well too bad. If he were me, and you asked me out after burning me, I'd tell you to kiss my rear end and take a hike. You should move on with your life.
Answered Feb 13, 2010
nooo lol he never really asked me out he just told my sister and brother that he liked me...but he never told me and I figured that if he liked me as much as they say he did then he would tell me but noo it didnt happen so when my bro aked me if I liked him I was just like no.so it was more like him rejecting me....................
Well first of all, you should edit your question to make that more clear. Second of all, maybe he was just shy at the time. And lastly, do you have any reason to think that he no longer likes you?
yeah I thought about that after I re read the question....and idk im just confused about the whole thing and yes I do he is dating someone..again.....
Well, again, it's not too late to edit your question, which is a good idea to do because some people won't read other answers and comments, so they'll make the same assumptions I did. As for the situation, well since he's dating other people, then you need to just let it go and move on with your life. It sounds to me like it's the typical forbidden fruit scenario. You only want him when you can't have him, like how Eve only wanted the apple because she was told not to eat it. So just move on.
yeah I figured that thanks youre totally right I just need to move on

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