The truth

is it true that in at least five or six years from now 70% of all Americans are going to be with out jobs and is it already happening now
Asked Feb 09, 2010
That's not so much a statistic as it is a guess. The government are trying to fix things, and it will take time, but in theory things will be better before then. Furthermore, things aren't getting better right now, but they stopped getting worse at least.

Basically, no one can say FOR SURE if it's true or not, but everyone has various speculations, and considering how things are, how they are going, what plans there are for the future, and other facts that are to be taken into consideration here, I personally say no, it's not true.
Answered Feb 09, 2010
Hell no it's not true, we are one of the richest countrys in the world.
Answered Mar 21, 2010
You can't ask what is true about the future. It hasn't happened yet, and no one knows what will happen.

You can make guesses and you can do experiments and study, but unless you are God or a time traveler, there are too many things you don't know to make a really accurate guess. Try to make the future what you want it.
Answered Dec 30, 2010

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