After scanning label into pics, how can I make the white background transparent.

I scanned a small oddly shaped image into my computer and it landed in my scans. I would like to place it on a scrapbook page as an embellishment. How can I make the white background behind the picture transparent so I don't have a white square around the embellishment?
Asked Feb 07, 2010
Well you can do it in Paint, however I suggest you use GiMP instead ( It's available for both mac and PC and it's almost exactly like Photoshop, but the main thing is it's free. Anyways, you'll want to select the magic wand tool (it looks like a little magic wand) and click somewhere on the white background. It should automatically select the entire background. Then just hit Delete on your keyboard. Then File>Save As... and make sure you select to save it as a .gif file. It must be .gif or .png as only those can support transparency. If you try to save a picture with a transparent background as a .bmp .jpg or .pict it will make all the transparent parts white. That's all there is to it. Note, sometimes when you view it on the computer it will look like it has a white background, but that isn't really the case, if you put it on a web page with a colored background or something, you would see it's really transparent (if you follow the steps I described).
Answered Feb 07, 2010
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Answered Mar 15, 2012

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