She says she loves me as a friend. what does it mean??

i've known this girl for sometime now. we like each other so much and calls each other often. but whenever i tell her i love her, she says she loves me as a friend. what does she really mean?
Asked Feb 03, 2010
That means she loves being friends with you, but she doesn't see herself getting in a relationship with you. Just appreciate your friendship, don't ruin things with silly teen romance drama.
Answered Feb 03, 2010
that mean she want to hang out like a friend,
Answered Feb 06, 2010
Edited Feb 06, 2010
I was told the same, it means that they ONLY see you as a friend NOTHING ELSE, the person I was assoceated with sayed shed rather have me as a friend than risk it.
Answered Feb 28, 2010
That means you she is either a shy person who wants to get to know you before you get involved or she dosnt want to go out with you if she is the kind of girl who always has a boyfriend and is popular. Just asses her personality and decide for your self what it means
Answered Mar 16, 2010
Hi Bro,

the people before are telling you what you know already and not offering solution. What has happened here. You have put yourself in the friend zone. I am a trained pick up artist and you need to change it very slowly to get her to become interested in you sexually and for relationship.

Can I suggest you go to,

What every you do NOT confess your love in a sexual way with her until you build attraction. She will run otherwise. You need to break rapport with her, tease her, show her that you are a sexual being, talk about other girls, don't have to much time for her, use sexual themes in a light hearted matter. Basically you are a guy and want to bang a girl you like...thats normal.

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Look down Friends to Girlfriends ..... (use google & Youtube to help you get advice) In the pick up community in US. Adam Lyons, Hypnotica, Sinn, Richard Gambler are famous people. Get some programs and change your situation.

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Wish you best Vincenzo
Answered Aug 18, 2010

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