Son needs to sue estrainged dad for child support

We live in Canada. My son who is 18, wants to sue his biological dad for child support. His dad abandoned us over 12 years ago and we have just found out where he is working. I am his mother and am on disability so can not financially help him get a lawyer and, legal aid will not help us either. We need to garnishie his wages. what other ways can we use to sue his dad.
Asked Feb 02, 2010
Did you and the father get a legal divorce? Were you ever married? I need a little bit more detail here...
You have to go to your Friend of the Court Office which deals with child support cases. You have to file for child support and arrearages. If you have never established an amount of what support he owes-the court will take what you make and what his dad makes (there is a formula that the court goes by) and then they will enter an amount that he is to pay and will add arrearages onto that amount. Now if you once had a court order for child support and he never paid you all this time-go down to the court office and ask that his drvier license be taken away and a warrent be put out for his arrest. If he is put in jail-he will have to bond out for the amount owed to you and your son. I have been through this whole ordeal and so if you need anymore help-let me know -going this route will cost you nothing. They may ask you to write a letter, but it is better to go in person and write the letter so it will be put on file. If you have never filed for support by now they will only go back to the day that you put this in motin. Not for the past 12 years. Good luck-it is a long process, but you owe it to your son to do this. It is his legal right and your obligation to collect..
Answered Feb 23, 2010
Edited Feb 23, 2010
I live in US but know that you may want to act fast in at least filing a lawsuit. Here a kid only has up tp 6 months after they turn 18. Check it out. Good luck
Answered Jun 21, 2010

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