Need help for my mother

am looking for help for my mother who is taking care of her father he has had a stoke and is unable to take care of hisself. My uncle who kill hisself due to stress and other problem was taking care of him two put in our mind what he did had to do alot with my grandpa my grandpa put an lot on his plate and just counldnt take it anymore. Now my mother is in his shoes and is stuck trying to work and have a family and take care of her daddy just from hearing from family she is not doing good and dont want the same thing to happen to my mother is there any nmuber or any resouce i can get to help my mother out with my grandpa before its to late
thank you dan
Asked Feb 02, 2010
Edited Feb 02, 2010
Hisself is not a word, it's himself. I wasn't going to say anything, but you typed that like two or three times, so clearly you didn't know better.
yes, there are in home health- aids who do this for a your local
human resoruces department for assistance.they can be of good help in this matter.My wife is licsened in ohio ,she takes care of a women in her 80's .she goes to her house helps get her dressed ,fed, showered,runs arrans.and much more.
Answered Feb 19, 2010
There is alot of help out there Dan. If you are single, which I know you are, u can help your Mom out tremendously! Keep your life straight and you will be able to help her get through this!
Answered Mar 23, 2010
What does being single have to do with it?
Obviously being single has a lot to do with it. Oni_Kami you must of never been in a relationship before, because if you have you would know how much time and effort goes into relationships, let alone taking care of a loved one.
Answered Mar 29, 2010
If you're with someone who isn't a selfish cold-hearted jerk, then you can easily be in a relationship and take care of someone. For example, my father is in Minnesota right now to help his girlfriend because her mother is on her death-bed. She's not single AND taking care of her mother.

Oh and by the way, what you posted wasn't in response to the question, so it would have been better posted as a comment below mine, just so you know.

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