If I tell my best friends i think im bi will they hate me?

I already told my two friends I think I am and they didnt mind. Im just afraid what my mom will think and my dad. Including my whole family. I do alot with my best friends and I dont want anything to change between us but I think I really need to tell them. Isnt that what friends are for?
Asked Jan 31, 2010
Yes that is what friends are for. They should accept who you are no matter what. Now your family may be another issue. Have they ever stated before that they have had a problem with same gender relationships? It may be different if they are usually an open minded family. Before you tell your family I would casually try to bring it up and see what their opinion about it is. But eventually you will have to tell them if this how you choose to live your life. Whether it is with a male of female. Im straight, but I accept it. You can't help who you love or care about. Or even who you are attracted to.
Answered Jan 31, 2010
I agree with sessy93. I asked my parents what do they think about bisexuals and lesbians. (I'm bi btw) They were looking at me creepily for a minute and they said that they are freaks...that ruined my day. D: So I didn't tell them that I was bi. I wish they could accept me being bi.
my parents are ok with it but I still cant bring myself to tell them...cuz I know my sisters will not accept me. they have made lesbian jokes about me all the time
You're not bi.
You can focus on both sexes, but truthfully, the opposite sex is the right way.
Don't tell anyone you're bi.
Love your other half and watch your feeelings change.
Answered Feb 17, 2011
Do not tell people what sexuality they are I am bisexual and I am sure that this persob will figure out who they truly are in time and if they are bi it does not matter sexuality does not define ones life it is only a minute part of a person and people like you are opressing young lesbian, gay and bisexual people. I think you should look up the Trevor Project mate and get some perspective!
i think if they are really your true friends the wont care wether you are bi or not and your family will love you no matter what you are or what your into you family will always be there for you and you can trust that they will support you in every way imaginable. friends are a bit more challenging though if you tell them they might freak out a little but if you give them time they will relise that they love you (as a friend) and accept you in every way possible
Answered May 23, 2012

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