I'm lesbian and well I am pregnet from my WOman and we love each other to death, IS THIS POSSIBLE???

Asked Jan 31, 2010
how did you do that
not possible ! the lesbian had sex with a man , ha , ha
um how could you be pregnant from another woman? NOT POSSIBLE. unless they had like a sex change or something and can still produce sperm.
Answered Jan 31, 2010
a woman can not get a sex change or produce sperm nor can a man have his thing removed and have periods !
As I've mentioned in one of your other posts, it's impossible for two women to get each other pregnant. Please see this for more information: http://www.ehelp.com/questions/10435169/can-two-girls-hump-each-other-and-get-pregnant
Answered Jan 31, 2010
or two men to get pregnant ! Thanks
Unless your "woman" has a penis and is a hermaphrodite. It is not possible for two women to get each other pregnant. Or...maybe you went swimming in a swimming pool and the pool has some sperms because some crazy guy ejaculated. My teacher told me this story of a girl getting pregnant in a swimming pool because this boy ejaculated and one sperm was swimming it's way up to the girl's genital area. Well, now I don't go inside the swimming pools.
Answered Mar 18, 2010
cool ! I did not know that ! Thanks
about the sperm in the pool could get a female pregnant ! Thanks for the info.
That depends...did any of your encounters involve a turkey baster and an accommodating male neighbour in the ensuite bathroom?
Because if so,...then CONGRATULATIONS!! It's a non nuclear family!!
Answered Jun 09, 2010
"A lesbian couple, last June,
had their baby, 'bout 2 months too soon,
it hadn't the luck,
to be got by a f*ck,
but a toss off,
shoved in with a spoon!"
if lesbians and homosexuals want to have babies then they should do it the way their mom and dad did it by having sex with their opposite in sex and keep it that way
It is impossible for you to have gotten pregnant by your girlfriend. So, come clean and tell your girlfriend about the guy next door,that youslept with. Grow up.
Answered Jun 20, 2010
U got that right
sorry to tell you this but you aint pregnant from your so called WOman that is totally not possible because wemon do not carry sperm cells so you must of got rapped in your sleep are somthing cause your woman aint the one who banged you
Answered Dec 11, 2012
so true
a girl can get pregnant to another girl unless the other girl has had a sex change just down there and has sperm to produce to have sex with another girl to make a baby
Answered Oct 13, 2013
Edited Oct 13, 2013
I've heard of this before, one of the Lesbians has a burst of sex hormones, and her clitoris actually turns into a little Penis, often without being noticed. This penis squirts out a small amount of Sperm, generated by the male hormones in the system. The babys usually turn out sickly and weak though.
Answered Jun 09, 2010
that can not happen ! Your either a male with a P or a female with a V the way God made it

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