Emachines e627 intergrated webcam software???

my emachines E627 comes with a built in intergrated webcam i have searched all over my computer and through every file for a file to run it with but i can't find anything to run it or use the webcam. can anyone help me find the proper software needed to run the built in webcam? i have tried downloading things for webcams but nothing seems to work. any suggestions? do i need to buy a specific Disk to dowload the proper software?
Asked Jan 30, 2010
"Built in integrated" is a bit repetitive, eh?
on mine too

madi123 Feb 09, 2010
i tried all of that even went to start, accesories and everything but no webcam ... help me please
meat1 Jun 20, 2010
i have gone through all of these steps but still can't use it. it was working fine but stopped I want to take photos n video chat. please help me emachine manufacturer.
lolita Aug 22, 2010
Ok, I have found the driver, installed it, and it works. Go to: http://www.windows7next.com/acer-emachines-e725-windows-7-drivers/
Download, extract, install, when asked what you want to do, click on modify..then once completed, you will find the webcam on the start menu --> all programs. click on that, and hey presto...webcam will open up.

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Well what are you trying to do with it? Most web cams if you just open My Computer you will see it listed there with your hard drives. If you double click it, you will see what your camera is seeing, and there will be a button in the top left to take a picture with it. Other than that, what do you want to do with it? Video chat? You don't need special software, just open up whatever program you want to video chat with and start a chat. There's MSN, Yim, or Skype. Do you want to use it to play camera games? http://www.extendedreality.com/webcam_games_info.html

What else do you want to do? What is this software you're hoping to find?
Answered Jan 31, 2010
how can I make a video?
ieva Aug 07, 2010
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Video Web Camera\VideoWebCamera.exe"
Go to start , go to all programs, go to accessories, go to webcam. It starts up right away.
Answered Feb 14, 2010
mine used to do that, and now when I go to accessories, it doesnt have it in the list. I think maybe when my computer got cleaned someone somehow deleted it. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I COULD DO?! any suggestions? Thanks.
ok when I did that it said webcam has not been instaled or is use by other uesr what do I do then
I think there is confusion. My E627 also has webcam above screen [apparently] covered with usual protective film, but no indication as to how it can be operated. Some say there is no webcam present, but it looks to me like one is built in, awaiting installation or drivers.
Answered Mar 06, 2010
What do you hope to do with it? What do you want to do with your web cam? Just because a web cam is there doesn't mean it's going to magically work on its own, you need to access it with certain software depending on what you hope to accomplish with your web cam. If you tell me what you want to do with it, I can tell you which software to download.
mines like that too, but I just need mine to take pics
If you open up My Computer, you should see your webcam listed there. Just double click on it and you will see on screen what your webcam sees. Then in the top left corner you should see something along the lines of "Take a picture" just click that and it will take a pic. If your webcam isn't listed there, then please post again letting me know and I will find you some webcam software that will help you with this, but most cams and comps as a standard don't need additional software just for taking pics.
Well, I am certainly glad that I wasn't asking for your help! My daughter has the same Emachine with webcam capabilities, and I can tell you right now, there are no listing either in program accessories, nor the hard drives. Personally, I have a Toshiba laptop; however, no matter what computer I have, I would not look for webcam software in either of those places. The best place to look for any software, is in your program files. My webcam program is found in my Toshiba file, which is found in C:\ program files (x86). I have windows 7 and so does my daughter on her Emachine. Try looking in your program files. If you have the software on your computer, then you will find it. If you cannot find webcam software there, then you can try performing a search routine to locate it. If it does not show up in the search results, then it was probably never installed and you should contact you manufacturer. A word to the wise. If you do not have the webcam software already installed by your manufacturer, then it is a lot safer just to buy one. Downloading a software from the Internet can be very risky, and you could end up with a virus that could destroy your computer. Besides, you can buy an external webcam these days for under £20./ $20. Better that than to risk the damage to your computer. I hope this was a little more helpful.
Answered May 05, 2010
Wow, you clearly don't know a lot about computers... First of all, a virus won't DESTROY your computer. To pay 20 dollars to buy a webcam when you have a built in web cam is a complete waste. Second, $20 does not equal £20, $20.00 = £13.24. Third, just going to your Program Files is not the be all end all solution for many reasons, for example, depending on what you want to do with your webcam, you need different software. Lastly, it's quite rude for you to say that you're glad you weren't asking for our help, especially when you gave no reason for your accusations as to why you disliked our answers.
I'm sorry, but I have the same laptop and the emachines E627 does NOT have a webcam. I was quite annoyed because it did look as if there is a web came in it (the little round circle at the top of the screen, right?). However, the circle is the webcam in some of the models of emachines. However, in E627 there is nothing there except the little cap overtop of the empty hole.
Answered Jun 06, 2010
I have an E627 that I recieved a few months ago, and it came with a fully functional webcam, just no microphone. From what I have seen and heard, some models do (They even have a sticker on them, "2.0MP Web Camera"), while others do not. Odd, but that's Emachines for ya.
i have the same on e627 yes my webcam works no micro phone. now its saying in use with somethig else
i couldnt either but all you have to do is go to the website pick product and supprot then downloads then your computer and click camera [really video camera] and download I couldnt find it at first but this way work ur welcome
Answered Jul 18, 2010
Bit pissed off as it seems that this emachine (E627) does not have a webcam and I have been trying to search for download instructions for ages!

Thanks to Elaine Spencer for saying that we are at the mercy of emachines whim!

Chrissy x
Answered Jul 23, 2010
ihave laptop e627 web cam donot taking image while recording is going on please help me jayshree
Answered Sep 21, 2010
Edited Sep 21, 2010
Well, I have an Emachine e725, with a built in webcam, but there is nothing on the machine about it, I have searched through the whole computer, there is nothing in the control panel, or accessories, or all programs. I have searched the internet for information about it. I have used the disk that came with the laptop to configure all hardware and software, but there is nothing about the webcam. The only time I have been able to use the webcam was when I opened an image editor, and went in through that. and from what I have read on here...you don't have the answers either, and you are actually quite rude to people. I used to work on Computer support desk for years, and know what good customer support is supposed to be like. ;)

I agree with 'Sharmari' downloading software from the internet is very risky...as these days the web is full of scammers, hackers, and nasty people who do integrate viruses, and trojans in to software, which appear to be genuine, and are downloaded by unsuspecting users, only to find that their computer is infected and they are not able to remove it or need to re-image their computer, which is totally unsatisfactory.
Answered Sep 29, 2010
Edited Sep 29, 2010
I totally agree! I just really need a dumb web cam on my emachines!
I have an emachines E620. It has a webcam in the lid, but no software to use it. I'm a tech -- trust me, there's no app that came on my Vista laptop. Software costs money, and this was a budget box.

Video driver is native Microsoft (usbvideo.sys). There's no need to download drivers for it, so I didn't find any on the emachines website.

I've had no trouble "losing" the device in Device Manager. If you do, try a right-click, Scan for hardware changes. If it's there but has a ! or X symbol, right-click it, Uninstall, reboot and it may reinstall properly.

I have a copy of Camtasia 6.0 that records my camera, but that's expensive.

Google for some free software that captures a USB web camera. Include your OS in your search; vista webcam software download free

CamStudio (free) only records the monitor, not the webcam. Maybe you could set it up to record your video chat window. The resolution and/or size may be lame.

If you use video chat, that app should automatically pick up your webcam (Acer Crystal Eye on my emachines). You might try AOL chat, MS Messenger, Yahoo IM, etc. and record yourself without actually chatting. I don't use chat; sorry.

I tried the AWC "Active Web Cam" app from PY Software mentioned above at CNET.com (don't bother searching for the filename, go for the app name). Video was choppy and delayed, but this laptop is pretty sluggish (1.6 gHz single AMD CPU, about 80 tabs open in Chrome) so you may have better luck with decent hardware. My faster laptop and desktop have no webcams. Again, sorry.

AWC is meant to be used for constant web streaming. Press Rec. once/twice to start/stop Recording. I didn't take the time to figure out how to save a clip and convert it to AVI or MPEG format, which is what most video websites want.
Even though I changed Settings, Recording Settings, File Format to .WMV, it only seemed able save in a .AWSes proprietary format; try a restart. Good luck. Nag screens for upgrades.

Once you have a local file of a video clip, you can edit it with Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie Maker free programs or similar.

FWIW, I heard a few folks above complain that the support they got was cranky. Sadly, plain text is incredibly inept at conveying accurate emotions. Try this test: Repeat these six words out loud six times, each time accenting a different word, and get six distinctly different meanings. "I never said he said that."
And, yes, for folks who know a lot about software and it comes easy to them, suffering through explaining where the Start button is gets tiresome, but that's what separates the good teachers from the also-ran's. Try this; give driving directions to your house, then realize the driver doesn't know the difference between right and left. You'll get exasperated very quickly.

To (any) cranky tech -- nobody knows everything. Any LINUX geek would be just as bored explaining something (simple) to you. How much do you know about restoring a DNS server from backups? The 14 steps needed, in order, to roll out an app to a corporation using Active Directory? Networking a Mac on Netware?

Be thankful you're gifted.
Answered Dec 19, 2010
you wanna make it sound very hard to anyone who isnt techie so that they would think that you are genius! I can recover a dns server from backups in a matter of few clicks or even website backups deleted weeks ago! pls dont fool people by overating things!

they dont understand what seems to be "very simple" things to us because they arent trained/educated about it.what if you are a tech savvy who knows almost everything in IT and all of a sudden somebody will describe to you accounting using hardcore accounting terms whereas accounting is your most hated topic! do you think you would comprehend it right away?? so we tech savvy should not treat people who cant understand even the start button as stupid because everyone will act the same way if something not there forte is discussed to them. so instead of you insulting them by your double-meaning comments should help them instead. duh!
I looked at the laptop carefully and found out there is no built in camera on the laptop. Only there is a hole which is covered with a black plastic. :(
Answered Jun 20, 2011
same here
FINEST May 28, 2012
i have tried tyo download the driver doesnt work
Answered Jun 30, 2011
First install camera driver that can be downloaded from this link www.emachines.com/support/drivers.html then run the installed software Video Web Camera.
Answered Jul 07, 2011
all you have to do is:
1) go to http://www.windows7next.com/acer-emachines-e725-windows-7-drivers/
2) install the video one, there are 2, one starts with s and one starts with c, download the c one
3) extract it
4) install
5) you select REPAIR not modify,

it will do a load screen then you press finish, then go to accessories, it should be there
Answered Dec 15, 2011
Go to "Start" and search "vide" without the "o" and it should come up with "video web camera" and you can click on it and/or drag it to the desktop for a shortcut or whatever, I had the same problem, but after searching I finally found it and I frequently use it to make videos with my friends, I have an Emachine, I hope this helped you too!
Answered Jan 06, 2012
I have an Emachine G725. My webcam is working perfectly on video ( image) but no sound. I have searched everywhere , but no result. Can someone help me.

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Answered Feb 01, 2012

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