What noise canceling headphones should i buy??

hey I want to be able to play drums while a song is playing but I can't hear the song over the drums without putting the MP3's volume at its maximum which will eventually make me go def lol
so I want headphones that drown out the drums while I play, so I don't hav to blast the MP3's song just to hear it??
Asked Jan 27, 2010
Edited Jan 28, 2010
Yes, you want noise canceling headphones. I suggest you research it thoroughly first though as there are many manufacturers, many methods, many everything. I personally like Sennheiser. Anyways, just a couple of googles of "Noise canceling" with other various modifiers can provide you with more than enough information for making an educated decision on which to buy. As for where, well I like what B&H has to offer.
Answered Jan 28, 2010
just buy regular phones
Answered Jan 27, 2010
This clearly doesn't help. The poster said that he/she doesn't want to damage his/her ears, but wants to listen to music with loud noises about (in this case, drums). Therefore, the poster needs noise canceling headphones (as stated) not regular headphones. Your post is a complete waste of space.
Nice shop online ;)
Answered Apr 25, 2012

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