Are wars just?

assuming that killing can sometimes be justified, are any wars ever just?
Asked Jan 27, 2010
Wars today are different from wars fought in earlier times. It was part of our Evolution, just like animals, we attacked each other for materialistic gain. Today, the situation is similar but today the beneficiaries of a War might be much more limited, such as the leaders of a political entitiy. To say if a war is just or not, you need to understand which war u're talking about. For a Palestinian, attacking Israel is very Just, but in the West, anything as such is called "Terrorism". Similarly, after 9/11, most americans thought that Afghan and Iraq wars were just because they saw their fellow citizens being killed. But now most of them don't find the War so just because they're paying billions of dollars for it.
Answered Jun 17, 2010
wars are use to hide the true meanning of having a war .Like are former pres he lied talking about weapons of mass destucion and all about oil rights,getting government contracts for his buddys,seeing a way to have young people enlist in the miliarty by causing hardship here in the U.S.A. . Staring with people way of living,higher educationfor none white student,stategovernment grants are limited,citys are layoff due to change in city funding.The wars are to hide the double dealings of r leader in politics
Answered Jun 25, 2010
1. Iraq was invaded because Hussein agreed to weapons inspections to stop the Gulf War Invasion then refused to allow inspectors in the country 17 times. Not only did Bush think he had nukes but so did Clinton and Putin in Russia.

2. Iraqi oil is sold on the open market just like the rest of the oil producing countries. If the U.S. wants Iraqi oil, they buy it just like everybody else.

3. The economic recession began five years after the Iraq invasion and everybody that served in Iraq volunteered to be there, most of them years before the recession.

4. Student grants and city layoffs had nothing to do with any war.

Your opinion about whether war is just is as valuable as mine or anybody else's but, as Daniel Moynihan said, "You have a right to your opinion but you don't have a right to your own set of facts."

Rob Jun 25, 2010
if it is to liberate a group that are say being ethnically cleansed then maby but a war for oil or power no and although I personally think that war is wrong almost all together some can be justified.
Answered Feb 03, 2013

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