Why is ther more said about Lucifer in the bible than Michael and gabirel

Asked Jan 27, 2010
Who Is Michael the Archangel?
THE spirit creature called Michael is not mentioned often in the Bible. However, when he is referred to, he is in action. In the book of Daniel, Michael is battling wicked angels; in the letter of Jude, he is disputing with Satan; and in Revelation, he is waging war with the Devil and his demons. By defending Jehovah’s rulership and fighting God’s enemies, Michael lives up to the meaning of his name—“Who Is Like God?” But who is Michael?
At times, individuals are known by more than one name. For example, the patriarch Jacob is also known as Israel, and the apostle Peter, as Simon. (Genesis 49:1, 2; Matthew 10:2) Likewise, the Bible indicates that Michael is another name for Jesus Christ, before and after his life on earth. Let us consider Scriptural reasons for drawing that conclusion.
Archangel. God’s Word refers to Michael “the archangel.” (Jude 9) This term means “chief angel.” Notice that Michael is called the archangel. This suggests that there is only one such angel. In fact, the term “archangel” occurs in the Bible only in the singular, never in the plural. Moreover, Jesus is linked with the office of archangel. Regarding the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, 1 Thessalonians 4:16 states: “The Lord himself will descend from heaven with a commanding call, with an archangel’s voice.” Thus the voice of Jesus is described as being that of an archangel. This scripture therefore suggests that Jesus himself is the archangel Michael.
Army Leader. The Bible states that “Michael and his angels battled with the dragon . . . and its angels.” (Revelation 12:7) Thus, Michael is the Leader of an army of faithful angels. Revelation also describes Jesus as the Leader of an army of faithful angels. (Revelation 19:14-16) And the apostle Paul specifically mentions “the Lord Jesus” and “his powerful angels.” (2 Thessalonians 1:7; Matthew 16:27; 24:31; 1 Peter 3:22) So the Bible speaks of both Michael and “his angels” and Jesus and “his angels.” (Matthew 13:41) Since God’s Word nowhere indicates that there are two armies of faithful angels in heaven—one headed by Michael and one headed by Jesus—it is logical to conclude that Michael is none other than Jesus Christ in his heavenly role.

(Ga′bri·el) [Able-Bodied One of God].
The only holy angel other than Michael named in the Bible; the only materialized angel to give his name. Twice Gabriel appeared to Daniel: first, near the Ulai River “in the third year of the kingship of Belshazzar” to explain Daniel’s vision of the he-goat and the ram (Da 8:1, 15-26); and second, “in the first year of Darius” the Mede, to deliver the prophecy concerning the “seventy weeks.” (Da 9:1, 20-27) To Zechariah the priest, Gabriel brought the good news that he and his aging wife Elizabeth would have a son, John (the Baptizer). (Lu 1:11-20) To Mary, the virgin girl betrothed to Joseph, Gabriel declared: “Good day, highly favored one, Jehovah is with you.” He then told her that she would give birth to a son, Jesus—he “will be called Son of the Most High; and Jehovah God will give him the throne of David his father, . . . and there will be no end of his kingdom.”—Lu 1:26-38.
From the Bible record it is learned that Gabriel is a high-ranking angelic creature in close association with the heavenly court, one “who stands near before God”; that he was one “sent forth” by God to deliver special messages to servants of Jehovah here on earth (Lu 1:19, 26); that his personal envisioned or materialized form was, true to the meaning of his name, “like an able-bodied man.”—Da 8:15.

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Please cite your sources.
Lucifer is Latin and means bearer of light, and also both the morning and evening star. Sometimes the word refers to God and other angels (such as in Job 38:7). Even Jesus refers to himself by this name (Rev. 22:16).
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Michael is one of the Seraphim, An Archangel, and the Leader of the Host of Heaven. They fought Lucifer and his renegade Angels in the Rebellion. When Lucifer, and the Rebels lost, and were banished from Heaven, God gave them dominion over the Earth.

Lucifer, the Shining Son of the Morning, was then called Satan, or the deceiver, by the Priests of Jehovah, in an attempt to discredit the Fallen, and to scare the people of this Desert God into devout worship of Jehovah, and no other.

The Archangel Michael, and the Heavenly Host, are like Heaven's Special Forces, Jehovah's Stormtroopers, ready to lead the Forces of Heaven in Battle, wherever they are needed, and it is said that none can prevail against them.

But they always say that about about every Army. And it's only ever true, when applied to British Special Forces.
Anyway, all that Angelic Host stuff, is pretty Old Testament, and probably a crock of shit, but you never know for sure, . . . .
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