My dog is mouthing my arm during playtime, will this lead to a bite?

Asked Jan 26, 2010

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No, dogs generally only bite out of anger. Even when it looks like a dog is biting another dog while they play, it's not a real bite, just like "teething." Keep in mind though, dogs can go from playing to fighting, but you shouldn't be worried about that. Dogs just like to teeth on things. I personally love it when a dog does it, I think it's adorable. Not to mention I have thick skin, so it doesn't really bother me. Oh, and if he wanted to bite hard enough to hurt, he could easily puncture your skin, the fact that he didn't says a lot.
Answered Jan 26, 2010
Edited Feb 28, 2010
without a pack to teach a dog, it relies on you to show it what is socially acceptable. a puppy teething needs to bite on things to relieve the pressure so will bite on pretty much anything it can get. it does not know if its bite hurts you unless you tell it. as long as your dog is not biting hard it is ok to let him play like this if you want. just realize that he will play with other people the same way and they might not appreciate a dog that puts its mouth on them. if your dog bites too hard you can try yelping and taking your arm away and wait till he has calmed down a bit before you reintroduce your arm. when you do, say 'easy' real slow and calm so that he knows he went to far last time and needs to tone it down a bit. if he is not biting any softer after you have tried this a few times his teeth might be really bothering him so maybe give him a chew toy and don't let him knaw on your arm until a later play session.
Answered Feb 28, 2010
when my dog opens her mouth and starts to show teeth I clamp her mouth shut with my hand and say 'no teeth'
Answered Mar 28, 2010
Hell yes it can lead to a bite, the next time your dog puts his mouth around your arm you need to beat him mercilessly until he can barely walk so that he knows who the boss is.
Answered Mar 28, 2010
you're a freaking idiot! I hope you don't have any animals. You should never be physical with your dog. You moron!!!!
what the hell is wrong with you, you big idiot! people like you who treat animals badly are the absolute scum in this world. some humans are disgusting and pathetic
sdee Aug 03, 2013
Well I play with my dog like I'm another dog is that bad or no Becuse he plays back and he likes it
But I agree with them never EVER get mean with a dog that shows them to fear all so the next time u have a robbery at ur home and u do that a lot say good bye to ur dog and ur stuff
Ur dog is obviously a puppy, so its going to be mouthing, but as long as u train it NOT to mouth u, ur good to go! I would give ur dog/puppy some hard toys to mouth on so it wont mouth on u! be careful though im not sure if hard toys will hurt its mouth
Answered Apr 03, 2010
Dogs "bite" for many reasons. Remember your dog doesn't have thumbs. The only thing he/she can use to pick up and hold things is with the mouth. It 's hard for a dog to understand when that's OK and when it isn't. You should always use the same word to tell them to stop what they're doing like, "no!" That will help the dog learn sooner when it is OK to use the mouth and when it isn't.

Answered Aug 03, 2013
When your dog mouths your arm, he is hugging you. How else could he hug you?
Answered Aug 10, 2013

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