Small business loan

how would someone get a small business loan for real estate. i mean get right down to the things that someone would have to click on. also how would someone get a house grant to fix up their house
Asked Jan 25, 2010
To get a small business loan, you must go to a bank, in person, and speak with one of their representatives. As for the grant, well I already showed you the most valuable site for getting grants in another one of your posts. And lastly, the government isn't going to give you a grant to fix your house. Here's another link for grant information:
Answered Jan 26, 2010
Getting a small business loan for sure is NOT a one click ordeal. You need to get a bank funded loan, SBA funded, or crowd funded most likely. In order to do that, any of them would want to see a clear business plan that includes when they can expect repayment. They will also review your resume, the businesses financials, and make sure you have insurance to protect your company. Very few if any people would lend to a non-established business unless there were some big product/technology idea that could result in substantial investment income down the road.
Answered Jul 25, 2013
Getting loan is not a difficult task these days. There are various types of loans available these days according to your needs and requirements. For more details check out
Answered Nov 07, 2014
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Answered Jan 21, 2015
TransUnion CIBIL Limited (Formerly: Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited) is India’s first Credit Information Company (CIC)

CIBIL collects and maintains records of an individual’s payments pertaining to loans and credit cards.

These records are submitted to CIBIL by member banks and credit institutions, on a monthly basis.

This information is then used to create Credit Reports / credit scores which are provided to credit institutions in order to help evaluate and approve loan applications.

The Credit Information Report (CIR) and CIBIL TransUnion Score are used in the loan approval process.
The loan provider decides which set of loan applicants to evaluate, it analyzes the CIR / Score in order to determine the applicant’s eligibility.

Eligibility basically means the applicants ability to take additional debt and repay additional outflows given their current commitments. So your CIBIL score basically decides your eligibility.

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Answered Jun 11, 2017

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