Why is the produce in our grocery stores so expensive?

Many of us that work at a locol grocery store want to know why are the prices so high at the store, if most of it is from here? It's almost like a hundred per cent mark up. Is this just greed? or is it really costing that much to deliver it to our markets?
Asked Jan 25, 2010
Well it's because we're in hard times. As the prices of electricity, water, gas go up, so does the prices of the vegetables to pay for those other things. Profit needs to be made. Also there's a small amount of greed there. I mean some people would be like "Well seeing as I have to up the price a dollar to compensate for rises in gas prices, I'll just raise it a dollar and 10 cents for a little more profit." that kind of thing. Anyways, overall, even though it doesn't have far to go, the fact is everything involved in getting it there causes the price to go up. Also, it helps to pay for the store too. Lighting, refrigeration, water, packaging, etc...
Answered Jan 26, 2010
Well it is not just the cost for delivery. you have to remember that they have to also pay employees and the cost of machinery, electricity, water, ect.
hope i answered in the way you wanted take care
Answered Jan 25, 2010
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