Whats better than your dad (nothing can conpare to a great dad)

whats better than your dad (nothing can conpare to a great dad)
Asked Jan 23, 2010
What an amazing post. I am a father and what is better than one? Children like you who take the time to show appreciation. That is rare today and there are good Dads out there. Nice to see :) ~hiimdave.com
What's better than a great dad is a proper education, more specifically, knowing how to spell compare.
Answered Jan 23, 2010
I am sorry to say, but to think spelling is of more value than a father, shows that you can't seem to understand basic rational. Who ever taught you to think that way didn't give you proper education. Propha' that is.
Well the issue there is the fact that my own father is a terrible father who owes both my mother and myself thousands of dollars (separately) and has been abusive, and oh well the list goes on and on. Anyways, point is, I'm terribly biased in regards to this question.
I am sorry @ Oni_kami a lot of people face this. Your right some fathers don't even deserve their children...
Um i'm assuming this isn't a serious question and thought i really dont think a proper education is better than having a good dad =p (love some of your answers Oni) but i'm your typical mommas boy so i would say my mom =)
however if this is a serious question please rephrase so that i may understand
Answered Jan 26, 2010
Edited Jan 26, 2010
What about the mothers in this hood!!! I agree fathers are wonderful, but mothers have to deliver their baby and they also care for it!
Answered May 29, 2013
In my blunt opinion, mothers can go to hell. Dads are always
The best.
Answered Apr 20, 2014

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