Why do I hate waking up in the morning?

Why do i hate waking up in the morning?
Asked Jan 23, 2010
No one here can answer this question. You have your own opinions for your own reasons. We're not psychic, we can't tell you what's on your mind.
Answered Jan 23, 2010
Oni-Kami-- this is the dumbest response I have ever read online. In fact, I signed up for an ehelp account simply to tell you that. If you have no advice whatsoever, why bother wasting this person's time to say that you have no advice whatsoever? Further, your answer neglects the very question this person is asking: they are not asking you to get in their head; rather, they are asking precisely for the opinions that you refuse to offer.

To greencat: I hate waking up in the morning too, and I have my entire life. I find that without something rewarding to look forward to, I cannot justify leaving my bed, no matter how much I "want to be a morning person." On the rare occasions I do arise early (I am a graduate student, so demands on my time outside my own home are sparse--I can basically make my own schedule) I find that I have a much better day, my writing is better, and I feel more proactive and positive--you would think that would be enough to get me out of bed before 11, but alas...

Back to your question: in my experience, a lack of desire/ability (and yes, I, like you, know what it's like to be physically unable to get out of bed in the morning) is related to two things: your circadian rhythm (the biological function inherent in every living organism that tells us when to eat, sleep, procreate, migrate, hibernate, etc.) And second, for me at least, my general disposition. Are you prone to feeling depressive? For me, when life is lacking that certain panache, my over-sleeping worsens. Do you loathe your daytime activities? Not having something to look forward to would make anyone reluctant to leave the warm comfort of their bed. I would take an inventory of how your life is or is not fulfilling you and see how that could be related to your desire not to get out of bed. If you find that you actually are excited about your daytime activities, then it could simply be nothing more than a matter of habit, something a little re-training could (hopefully) turn right around.\

Best of luck!
Answered Jan 25, 2010
If my response here was the dumbest, then clearly you haven't been on this site much. Every day there are incredibly shocking amounts of ignorance all over this site.
Furthermore, I was simply explaining to this person that everyone is independent, and therefore have different reasons for hating to wake up in the morning. In fact, some people love to wake up in the morning and get a start on their day even. I personally don't feel either way about it.
And lastly, the poster asked, "Why do I hate waking up in the morning?" not, "Do you hate waking up in the morning? If so, why?" or "What are your opinions on hating to wake up in the morning?" He/She asked why he/she hates to wake up in the morning. So indeed, he/she was asking us to get inside his/she head, which cannot be done (in a literal manner) and is never 100% precise (in a figurative manner).
I think the only person who can judge is Greencat. We can argue semantics all day, but the fact is, is that regardless of how Greencat phrased her/his question, what Greencat was looking for was advice and suggestions, and all you did was waste their time.
litnoob Jan 25, 2010
Thank for your answer litnoob. I agree with you. Motivation, in my opinion is the most important fact that makes you wanting to get up and keep moving. I asked God why should I get out of the bed and it take me a while to feel the impulse to move and start living another day. Thanks God you have a job that you can make your own schedule. I don't, and that makes it more difficult. I try to keep green tea pills near my bed to take one early in the morning and sometimes that helps.
Answered Apr 23, 2010
Getting up in the morning really sucks cause everything is gonna be boring and there is absolutely nothing to look forward to in my day. I remember when I went to art school I was there before the class even started. but that was evenings with my daytime management job. I was ecstatic after class. so there you go. the problem is that its not easy to leave a job that pays and is socially respectable where I live to do a an uncertain job that does not have the prestige associated with my job. however I wish I can leave this dayly grind crap and do something happy. my life is miserable now and im single too cant find a girl I love. so im pretty much fu*ked. thats why I hate waking up in teh morning.
Answered May 22, 2011
Cool guys... Try out Alarmy- Sleep If U Can app it really helps you to wake up early by allotting you with a task. All that you have to do is either “register” a room so that you have to get up and snap a picture of the room to shut the alarm, or designate the number of times you need to shake your phone before the alarm stops.
Answered Nov 30, 2014

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