Is drug addiction really a disease?

Asked Jan 22, 2010
No, drug addiction is a psychological disorder, as is any addiction. It's the brain being fooled into thinking it vitally needs the substance in question in order to function properly.
Answered Jan 23, 2010
Oni is way wrong as I have found out with many questions she answers. Addiction is manifested in the form of a psychological disease. I have it and know for a fact.
Answered Feb 01, 2010
First of all, I'm a guy, and it says that on my profile, so there's something you're wrong about. Second of all, if my information is so commonly wrong, then provide some proof. Third of all, just because you have a drug addiction doesn't make you the foremost expert on drug addictions, diseases, or disorders. Lastly, it's been in debate for years now as to whether it's a disease or a disorder, and there is no fine line that states which it is. I simply stated my opinion on the matter, and although I admit I could have been more clear on that being my opinion, fact is that there are people who argue for both sides of this, so neither of us are wrong in this case.
Drug addiction is not a disease, you can come out of it. After taking drugs a person forgets every problem and went into another world for some time, so people become addicted. But it harms your body a lot and make weaker, some legal highs you can try, but first check it is safe or not.
Answered Apr 01, 2015
Yes, it is a type of a dreaded disease that is hard to recuperate from until you've gone through an extensive series of rehabilitation and detoxification program under the supervision of a drug rehab expert or professional.
Answered Jul 12, 2017
Drug addiction is not a disease, you can come out of it. After taking drugs a person forgets every problem and went into another world for some time, so people become addicted.
Answered Jul 24, 2017
Yes, drug addiction is really a disease and proper supervised medical care from any reputed drug addiction rehab (like: ) is essential to get rid of same by means of counselling, treatment, rehab, detox and after treatment care to stop relapsing your addiction.

Drug addiction is an illness that not only affects the life of the individual addicted but also many friends and family members. As with all addictions it can affect individuals from all walks of life. Drug addiction can cause great changes in behaviour making the user unpredictable and in some cases dangerous. Ultimately the symptoms are the same and the user is driven to find ways and means to get more drugs regardless of the consequences. The user does not need to have a physical dependency to have a problem but will be obsessed by the need to use more. In most cases, drug use will lead to paranoia, depression, erratic behavior and a physical addiction. The nature of the illness unless treated will lead to repeated attempts to stop using followed by repeated relapse. It is a life threatening condition that claims many lives on a daily basis.
Answered Jan 01, 2019
Respected All of Person,
I Assume your's Means, but I explain bellow lines.

Yes, drug addiction really a disease.

For many decades it's been widely accepted that alcoholism (or addiction) may be an illness. The "disease concept" is instructed in addiction coaching programs and told to patients in treatment programs. it's undoubted by public figures and therefore the media. however is it true? And if it's not true, is there a stronger robust|an improved} and more useful thanks to outline addiction?

Let's begin with a brief history. within the unhealthy previous days, before the illness conception became wide well-liked (about forty years ago), our society was even additional prejudiced against folks with addictions than it's currently. "Addicts" were seen as totally different and worse than "normal" of us. They were thought to be lacking in normal discipline and morality, as self-centered and uncaring. They were seen as folks that were out for his or her own pleasure while not regard for anyone else. They were viewed as having deficiencies in character.

Then came the concept that addiction may be a disease: a medical malady like T.B., {diabetes|polygenic disorder|polygenic illness} or Alzheimer's disease. That meant that folks with addictions weren't unhealthy, they were sick. In a moment this modified everything. Public perceptions were less judgmental. folks were less important of themselves. Of course, it wasn't welcome to listen to that you just had an illness, however, it absolutely was higher than being seen as immoral and self-centered. So, the illness conception was embraced by nearly everybody. With all its advantages, it's no surprise this idea continues to draw in powerful, emotional support.

Thank you.
Answered Feb 13, 2019
Yes, it is!!!
Please stop taking it or you will have to see its consequences in the future.
Answered Feb 13, 2019
It is not a disease. It's a choice. Because drug use changes the brain and, as a result of these changes, drug use becomes compulsive, beyond the voluntary control of the user. In other words, the addict has no choice, and his behavior is resistant to long-term change.
Answered Jul 26, 2019
Substance use disorder, often known as alcohol or drug addiction, is a chronic brain condition that can affect anybody. Severe drug use disorder occurs when substance use becomes an uncontrolled habit that negatively impacts your daily life, manifesting as difficulties at work or school, relationship disputes, legal or financial issues.

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Answered Mar 17, 2022
The answer to this question is simply Yes, as you grow the drug addiction, you will start feeling helpless. Suddenly you will see, you are loosing a lot in your social life. When your bed time start, not everyone is gonna stand with you. The recent case of Johnny Depp is the shining example, where everyone without knowing the whole story leaves Mr. Depp alone including Disney.
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Answered Jun 08, 2022
Addiction does not meet the criteria specified for a core disease entity, namely the presence of a primary measurable deviation from physiologic or anatomical norm.

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Answered Jun 10, 2022

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