How to get house insurance after your house was burnt down by arrson?

No one will insure us what are we to do?
Asked Jan 22, 2010
Well even if you get insurance now, it's kinda too late... It's not like you'll get anything for it. But anyways, the reason no insurance company will insure you now is because your rates will be super low, so you won't have to pay them anything, however you'll get your house repaired from the fire, so then they'll be insuring you for a lot, but you'll barely be paying them a dime, so they have the legal right to not insure you to their own discretion. Just fix everything up and then try to get it insured.
Answered Jan 22, 2010
We are an international company for constructing modular houses, we cover insurance on installation of modular houses. If your house is damaged by any cause, there is no need for applying insurance.
Answered Nov 17, 2015
You should insured your house before any mishappening. Now, nothing is left what will you get insured now? This is advance decision what we make before taking an home or office to insure it. Now you can ask insurance companies if they help you in this matter, otherwise you can direct contact with Rais Insurance for get any insurance they will suggest you better.
Answered Dec 07, 2015
Now you should contact any insurance company which is providing fire damage insurance. They can give you a good suggestion about your problem. Now so many insurance companies are providing this type of insurance. (844)MRCLAIM is a good insurance company in USA. You can contact this for your problem.
Answered Mar 29, 2016
Well regardless of whether you get protection now, it's kinda past the point of no return... Dislike you'll get anything for it. Be that as it may, in any case, the reason no insurance agency will protect you now is on the grounds that your rates will be super low, so you won't need to pay them anything, be that as it may you'll get your home repaired from the fire, so then they'll be safeguarding you for a great deal, however you'll scarcely be paying them a dime, so they have the lawful appropriate to not guarantee you to their own tact. Simply repair everything and after that endeavor to get it safeguarded.
Answered Dec 04, 2017
Nearly all home insurance policies will not cover arson. Some policies supply some leeway. it'll not cover the damage caused by a person that owns the house or is a further insured on the policy. This includes people who live in the house. it should also include people who visit the house frequently. It also includes anyone hired by these people to set the property on fire.
If the police department proves some other person set the fireplace, home insurance could cover this loss. Sometimes, it's hard for the insurance company to rule out fires as accidents. If you expertise this type of loss, call your insurance company. Discuss your situation. offer data about what happened. If proved that the fire was an act of destruction against you, it should be possible to get coverage.
Answered Oct 01, 2019

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