Problems with my landlord and now she's not renewing the lease!!

Before my S.O. and I moved into our apartment our bedroom window was cracked (broke) and they landlord told us she would be fixing it and not to worry about it so we took her word on it. In my daughters bedroom there is "fake" paneling that looks like wood but it's the fake stuff, anyway that was splintered and falling apart, she said she would fix that. Well when we moved into the place my 3.5 year old would splinter the wood more and more and collect it into little pieces because when the landlord fixed it the day we moved in she didn't do it properly and my daughter could get to it. We contacted her numerous times about it and told her it wasn't helping any, she ignored our calls and text messages. She also told us to let her know if the heating pipes started to leak so she could fix it and well we contacted and told her about that and told her it was ruining our belongings, and that was ignored. Now this was in the summertime when we moved in, to be exact it was June. Now this winter when she went to turn the heat on because she controls it, it wasn't working and she said she had to get another furnace put in. So she gave us two space heaters and said that will have to do until she gets a new one, we waited for almost 2 weeks to have actual heat throughout the house. When she finally got the furnace fixed or replaced she turned the heat to 66 degrees and told us it would NOT be adjusted any higher for any reason. The insulation in the apartment is poor and of course it wasn't getting warm in here it was COLD, the heat did not help, not only that our bedroom window cracked more over time and it was cracked that bad a draft would come in. So we contacted her once again and told her about the window and that the apartment was getting colder because of the pool insulation and the 50-60 mph winds we were getting and the temps going into the teens at night. She never did anything, so since the heat wasn't cutting it and my daughter's room literally felt like an icebox and she was constantly having a runny nose, shivering and high temps we had to use a space heater she gave us for in her room and one in ours. Not to mention that one day when we were doing everyday cleaning we found a HUGE hole that went into the apartment under us under my daughter's baseboard heating. I'm on public housing so when my electric bill was climbing way higher than what it was for two months prior to this I contacted her to find out what was going to be done because I'm on a fixed income (which she already knew) and that I was on the electric program (which she already knew) and that I could not afford to put more money out for heating when it's already included in the rent. I contacted her on two ocassions with no response. So my next move was contacting housing and letting them know what was going on and how she was not reparing the stuff and how I was having to put out more money for my electric due to her not repairing the stuff. Well housing got in touch with her and told her the requirements are the heat be adjusted to 68 and that the repairs must be made and they will be coming to inspect it this Monday the 25th. When she came to my apartment today she told me that we can no longer have the space heaters that they are against the rules of public housing and she needed them back, so I gave them back to her. Now my mother lives across the hall from me and I was over there when she came over to talk to my mom about repairs needing done in her apartment, the landlord said to my mother with me sitting there that because I took it upon myself to contact housing instead of waiting on her to fix it that she's not renewing my lease. She also said I slapped myself in the face by doing so and that I better enjoy the time here with my family across the hall from me. My question is can she do this even though I've contacted her numerous times and gave her more than enough reasonable amount of time to repair what needed repaired? I don't want to contact housing and "get slapped in the face" yet again just because I'm trying to find out why I'm being kicked out for her not repairing things. We are planning to move out anyhow because of the stuff that has happened and were not planning on staying here yet another year but if something fell through we knew we had this place to fall back on, now we have no choice. My other question is could we move out now if we were to find another place before this lease runs out since shes not renewing it?
Asked Jan 22, 2010
Edited Jan 22, 2010
sounds like you need to confront wit all your problems and tell her that she need to fix them
Answered Apr 03, 2010

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