EMERGENCY being harrassed and threatened by member of household

I live with my grandmother and my fiancee. We have been living together for about a year. We moved in to take care of my grandma because she was sick. Everything was fine. We buy the groceries, do the yardwork/gardening, and all house work/chores. Including cooking. We bring her drinks and food and pay our shares.

Well, on the eve of my birthday I was rather depressed (the 18th of Jan) - my fiancee tried to cheer me up but I started to talk to him about what was bothering me. My grandmother came out and started to butt into our conversation. My fiancee told her it was none of her business and to please leave. She got furious and said some nasty things, then retired to her bedroom. I went to bed feeling better, because my fiancee cheered me up. This was the first time that I didn't check on my grandma after her usual and routine fit throwing.

I woke up on the 19th (My Birthday) at around 8am. I wasn’t feeling good, but my fiancee told me my grandmother was calling my name. I went to see what she wanted and she told me she set my “gifts” on the table. (A child's crown and a disney princess headband. I am in my TWENTIES. And a Bday Card.) I said thanks and she hugged me. She went into her room. So, I went to go lay back down because I was so tired. I left the "gifts" on the table.

My fiancee asked if he could get me anything. I asked if he could make me some breakfast and bring me the stuff my grandma had got me from the table. He did. I was in the middle of eating my breakfast when my grandmother came to the door screaming at me “THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR BIRTHDAY WITH ME!!!” I was really confused and I yelled to her “Wait, I just woke up!” I finished my breakfast and went to get up, and I overheard my grandmother on the phone. She was lying, and she said my fiancee had brought her gifts in the other room and that both I and he started insulting her verbally to some unknown friend.

Well, because that was a total lie. My fiancee got mad and asked her through her door “Why do you have to lie to make yourself look better. It’s her Birthday, stop it!” At which point she lost it, went nuts and charged both of us. She physically started attacking my fiancee claiming she hated him and wanted to kill him, then threatened to stab him to death with a knife when he has been nothing but good to her, even buys her gifts weekly and has gone to the hospital with her when no one else could.

I told her to stop and tried to pull her off of him. She started beating me and then she started saying the most awful things she possibly could. My fiancee asked her what the heck was wrong with her and if she was on drugs and told her to calm down but she just kept hitting him in the face. I got hysterical and called the police. She looked at me, looked at my fiancee, and then leaped onto the floor, then looked at me and said “YOU KICKED ME TO THE GROUND OHHH YOU KICKED ME.” I was really like…wtf. Nobody had touched her.

Then...She started screaming for her abusive ex husband (Who lives next door and is divorcing her, who in the past has drained her bank accounts and is the reason she had my fiancee and I move in because she ‘hated’ him so much and claimed her broke her ribs intentionally.)

She started making up lies. The police got there and basically told us they can’t do anything to protect us and we need to move out. But it's civil and needs to go to court.

Neither of us can drive. We’re both young. I have 2 dogs which mean the absolute world to me, I would die without them. I have nowhere to go that I can find that will accept my animals that we can afford. Also, the icing on the cake is I hadn’t had one slice of my birthday cake and my grandmother ate the whole thing as well as the extra box of cookies my fiance bought to make the cake with.

Everywhere in the Orange County La Habra area is expensive, and my fiancee walks to work from our home here everyday. If we move he probably will lose his job. I don’t know if she can evict us or not, we’re in a mobile home park. Are the laws different here or do we still get 30 days? Also, she has been harassing and threatening us to the point we cant even use the bathroom and are having to go in bottles. PLEASE someone help me.

Can I get a restraining order to remove her from the property until we move out? What can I do?

I believe my name is also on the lease!!! But not my fiances.

I also have epilepsy and I'm applying for disability. My forms are arriving at this house. I wondered if I got pregnant as trashy as it sounds if I can be evicted or not still. And because I'm not married, what can happen? Does family make a difference that we're related or would she have to treat me like a regular tenant?

We spent all of our money on utilities and food and don't have receipts, either!
Asked Jan 22, 2010
there are free lawyer consultation services. find one in your area, and talk to them.
Answered Nov 16, 2010

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