4 year old boy cuts his penis the butcher knife.

my 4yr old said that he penis was hurting when he was put in the shower. after looking at it there was a small cut at the base of the shaft and the scrodem sack. we asked what he did and he said he woke up went to the kitchen climed on the counter pull down his pants, grabed a butcher knife and cut his penis. \
when we ask why his first responce was that his brain to him to. a little while latter we asked again and he said the cyottes to him to.
Asked Jan 22, 2010
Your kid needs therapy. Oh and throw out all the sharp objects in the house. It will make your life a little more difficult, but if you care about your kid at all, you'll do this.
Answered Jan 22, 2010
Take him to the doctors?
Answered Apr 13, 2010
lol ouch
Answered Jul 13, 2013
holy shit what happened next?
Answered 4 days ago
ewwww go to doctor
Answered May 02, 2013
Don't you think he would have figured this out in the last 3!!!!!!! Years? The kids 7 know

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