Is Justin Bieber gay?

gay like dating same sex
Asked Jan 21, 2010
Well.....I don't know. He addmitted it on Oprah, and he has a bisexual personality so I don't really know. I mean yeah, I'm a bisexual but hey I don't have a thing for the guy. Dude your cool and all and your cute...but not as sexy as everyone really says.:D Besides that, if he is gay, let him be gay, if he is bisexual, let him be bisexual, and if he is straight, let him be straight. I mean seriously, is it really any of your freaking buissness? Most likely not. I like Lady Gaga and I don't give a heck she is bi. I like Adam Lambert, he is gay, not because I like him, it's just he is a really good singer. But I bet if he wasn't famous, I bet no one would care that he was gay/bi/straight either way, he is making money, your not so if you think he is gay and hate him for that reason, obviously no one else cares because, if no one liked him, he would have NO money.
Answered Mar 12, 2010
Finally, someone with half a brain. I just want to thank you for having a little common sense. I mean aside form typing like a normal human being (az upposd 2 dis), your views on the matter are spot on. Thank you for giving me a nice refresher from all the mass stupidity out there.
i agree, justin may have said that he was "gay" but no one no's the truth about him, expect for justin. maybe he did it for attention... maybe he did it because its true... maybe he is just tryin to tell everyone, that guys can be gay... no matter what, just remember its his choice! like mine... im bi, my boyfriend is bi... what does it matter? nothing really... does it change our personailty? no not really... just that we like both sexes. not our fault... some people say its a choice... some say it isn't... some people hate the fact there is gays/lesbians/bisexuals... so maybe we are just born this way... its not like its a choice.... for example my friend is gay... and he hates the fact that he cant tell anyone... he cant even tell his parents...
thats how bad he is afraid that his parents wont like him... his parents hates homosexuals... and its not his fault... so next time someone says its a choice its not!!!
i do I went to justin bieber concert you dont have to belive me in ways I was shy to ask him if he where gay he said no and his mom patty is a very nice lady
mary73 Apr 10, 2010
Who's to say he didn't lie to you?
Well, according to a google search, he is not, however there was no solid proof to back it up, so there is a possibility he is.
Answered Jan 21, 2010
ya iam pretty sure he isnt he has wrote all his songs about pretty girls.
justin is NOT gay!! I luv him
Why are you yelling at us that he's not gay? Both faitherz and myself said he's not. Also, just because you love him, doesn't make him not gay, that's his own decision.
Well people told me the say he kissing boys on twitter
well most of the time most boys say he is gay but he is not
mary73 Apr 10, 2010
i think hes gay as in likes guys
Answered Feb 26, 2010
you wish justin is not gay
mary73 Apr 10, 2010
From what I know Justin Beiber is NOT gay. That's probably the latest rumour going around though ? Honestly, it's a possibility .. but in all of his music videos he is singing for and about girls. For example, the lyrics from his song One Time - 'I'ma be your one guy, you'll be my number one girl.' So, I assume he's straight.
Answered Feb 28, 2010
Apparently he announced on Oprah that he was infact, gay.

Also, a lot of gay guys sing for girls in their music videos, take George Michael for example.
Answered Mar 08, 2010
no they dont and if justin bieber is gay why did he make songs about girls now katy perry is gay but justin bieber is not
mary73 Apr 10, 2010
he is so not gay I mean how could he be my point is is he is NOT gay
Answered Mar 09, 2010
"I mean how could he be"

He could very easily be gay. What makes you think that there's no possibility that he isn't? I mean there are gay men who live the lives of straight men every day. Whether they're afraid of how people will react, or they're just not comfortable being honset about their sexuality. Point is, he could very easily be gay, and we might never know. I mean for starters, if he says he's not, he could easily be lying. However, I'm not saying he is gay, but I'm not saying he isn't, because he could just as easily not be gay. For all we know, he might lie and say he's gay just to shock the world, or maybe even just come out of the closet honestly. We just don't know for sure.
justin bieber is not gay he in fact kissed a girl
mary73 Apr 10, 2010
Kissing a girl doesn't make a guy not gay...
weather Justin is gay or not,itz his buisness.nd if anyone thinkz he singz like a girl,at least he gets paid for singing.My name is Clayton Kidd and I am a huge straight fan of Justin Drew Bieber.I love Justin and his music
Answered Mar 30, 2010
he is not gay
mary73 Apr 10, 2010
justin is not gay because if he was gay then why ever song he write have to be about girls.
Answered Mar 30, 2010
Edited Mar 30, 2010
Because last I checked, "Man on Man Love" has never made it to the top of the charts.
you have an ponit so is not gay thanks
mary73 Apr 10, 2010
You completely misunderstood me. I was saying that even if he were gay, he would probably still write songs about girls, just for the sake of making money.
no he loves to be with a girl that makes him smile and goes to a restraunt and orders a big thing of spaggity and doesnt order a salad. and he likes dark headed people and blue eyes.he loves the color purple and blue. I dont like him his music is not good hes ugly and I hope u read this justin we talk on myspace all the time. love s.o.s!!!
Answered Apr 01, 2010
i love his music and dont hate
mary73 Apr 10, 2010
first of all he not gayy and just because he havn`t hit pueberty does not mean nothing and also he has a girlfriend so what is yall talking about it like me saying that u gay when you not how would that make feel and in fact I understand justin bieber got game he get female and he stay geting female but he need help to choose his girlfriend I love justin bieber so much but im not like the other girl being so obbessed about him I just love so much tehee.
Answered Apr 01, 2010
i konw I luv justin bieber
mary73 Apr 10, 2010
no way whoever asked this why geez do you even know who he is??????
Answered Apr 03, 2010
justin bieber is not gayyyy allhis song are about girls and he has a girlfriend so I dont no what e are talking abut and im lisining to his music right now I just love justin bieber !!!!!!! :* :* :* :* :* :*
Answered Apr 09, 2010
Edited Apr 09, 2010
in fact he is single and looking for a girl
mary73 Apr 10, 2010
no hes not in phoths in google there him kissking his gielfriend
Who's to say those photos aren't old and that he's single now? Or maybe that wasn't even his girlfriend. Sometimes people kiss who are just close friends or something.
he said he dosen't hav a girlfriend right now. But he is only 16. he just like's to hang out with girls and stuff
What does that have to do with ANYTHING?
Justin is not gay he is the boy that are famous went he were 10 and that is really cool I wiss I cold be like that and lot of you want to be like that to and who care if you like him or not u r still his fan and some of you are not because you just dont like him and that is okay just dont make fun of people that because they dont make fun of you and dont call them GAY because u will be calling yourself gay

p.s. Im just saying that because of all of you
Answered Apr 09, 2010
your right

P.S I love JUSTIN BIEBER :*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
you guys are right,i luv justin bieber
mary73 Apr 10, 2010
i luv justin bieber and if you thing he is gay you are dum and gay
Answered Apr 10, 2010
Well that's a very immature response.
what is some one did think he was gay your should not say day are gay and dum my best friend thinks he is gay and she is not gay and dum
if infact he did say he is gay on oprah then why is he continuing songs about girls? and why do all the boys say is he is gay and all the girls say he isnt my mom saw him on a magazine and she said he wasnt gay and I started to listen to his videos and mostly the interviews for about 3 hours straight and I saw a bunch of interviews that firmly stated that he was intersted in women not men now I havent seen the video of him confirming that he was gay so it could be a possibility but we will just find out soon if he is straight or gay
Answered Apr 13, 2010
I'm not saying he is gay, I'm not saying he's not gay, I'm just playing devil's advocate here, but why are you all so insistent that just because his songs are about girls that that is proof he's not gay? Ever hear of Elton John? I'm pretty sure he has a few songs about women. Or what about Lance Bass? He was a member of *NSYNC, all their songs were about women, but he was fruitier than a fruit cake. Just because someone writes songs about women that doesn't mean he's not gay. Besides, everyone's overlooking the other possibility of bi, what if he's bi? Then what? Hmm?
Okay if Jusin Bieber is or is not gay it's really none of our business. Like if you really think about it your just giving him more publicity by continously talking about this. if you hate Justin Bieber as much as you say you do than you would just stop talking about this issue so much. all your doing is making people that have never heard of him before look him up and possibly start to like his music. and then the outcome of that is that he become richer than he already is. Dude just leave the kid alone, he has enough crap on his back right now. I mean I personally think he is very attractive and if he's gay well then there is really nothing anyone can do about it. He is only 16 years old and is trying to figure what he wants to do with his life and what sex he is attracted to. Oh and by the way, it doesn't matter if his songs are about girls because gay guys write and sing song about girls all the time and it doesnt mean a damn thing. so stop fussing about it.. lol
Answered Apr 14, 2010
THANK YOU! Finally someone with a brain around here! I swear my head was about to explode from the immense stupidity, but it does my heart good to see there are still some people out there with an IQ with more than just 1 digit. Thank you again.
there can be a possibilty guys I mean i'm a girl and I think he looks okay I do think his voice is not good though but it probably would in future x
Answered Apr 14, 2010
"probably would in future"
You mean like if he ever hits puberty? Hahahaha.
he might just natrally have a a high voice, like michael jackson, but who cares. he might have already hit puberty, but as long as Justin Bieber knows who he is then everyone should just be happy for him.
boydje Apr 17, 2010
Seriously people? if he's gay then so what it's his choice and his life so I dont see why all you people are so bothered about it! my friend is slightly obsessed with him and she searched this but I wanted to comment to say let him live his ife if he is gay he's gay if he's bi he's bi if he's straight he's freaking straight! all the people who say he "cant" be just think about if you were gay or bi and people were saying to you no! it's wrong! seriously! just leave the guy alone and if he is gay or bi or even straight real fans would accept that and not just say "omg is he's gay I obviously totally cant like listen to his songs or fancy him or whatever anymore!" does a persons sexuality matter when overall he seems like such a nice kid?
Answered Apr 19, 2010
Yes he is. Any man that sounds and sings like a girl is in fact so gay that the gay people call him, excuse me, her gay.
Answered Feb 26, 2010
First of all, there are straight men that sound and sing like girls. Second of all, Justin Bieber is a he. I personally don't like the guy at all, I think he's a pathetic loser, but I just wanted to make it clear that your statements were exaggerations incase there was someone who didn't know better who came across this post.
don't hate justin bieber is not gay
mary73 Apr 10, 2010