Why does my computer hang up everytime i start it and does not work until i start it on 3 or 4 time

my desktop displays all the icons and everything but then it shows the cursor as "waiting"
my system:
intel core 2 duo E7300
RAM 2 by 2 GB
hard drive 160 GB
motherboard intel chipset 31
Asked Jan 20, 2010
For whatever reason, your system isn't working properly. Rather than trying to clean up the mess or hunt down some virus, my advise has always been to simply reformat the system. The specs above seem more than sufficient for this system to be running smoothly. Can you remember how fast this system was when it was new? Reformatting the entire CPU will eliminate any problems you may have. That's how I maintain my systems now. I store my data on an external HD, and at the slightest hint of a virus or spyware, I wipe it down clean and start all over. I don't even run a virus program because it bogs down my systems way too much. How to reformat a system is a whole other issue...
Answered Feb 11, 2010
"Rather than trying to clean up the mess or hunt down some virus, my advise has always been to simply reformat the system." Amen to that!
There could be the reason that your computer might be infected by the various malicious software, or your system may consist of junk and messy files. So, it is necessary to clean all those messy files and update your antivirus software. If still an issue persists then you may also take the help of technicians of AskPCExperts (http://www.askpcexperts.com/computer-tech-support.html).
Answered Apr 29, 2015

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