My boyfriend is 21 and im 17 can he get in any trouble?

me and my boyfriend are havin a baby and i am 17 and he is 21 can he get into any trouble?
Asked Jan 19, 2010
Look at your state laws. In Oklahoma age of consent is 16. But I'm not sure exactly what does and doesn't apply for that and what the exact law says.
Kad16 May 07, 2013
Look at the date this was asked. The person that asked it is now over 21.
admin May 08, 2013

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Yes, he can go to jail. First of all, anyone over the age of 18 doing anything with anyone under the age of 18 in any sort of sexual, or romantic manner of any kind is strictly illegal. Some people say there's a 3 year gap (15 can date 18, 16 19, and 17 20) but this is not true. Even if that WAS true, he's FOUR years older than you, so it's just flat out illegal. I personally say age is just a number, and all the more power to the two of you, but just be careful, because he can get a jail sentence for it.
Answered Jan 19, 2010
Oni, you seem to know very little about which you speak. These laws vary greatly by state. In New Jersey, for instance, even a 16-year-old can legaally have sex with a 21-year-old. She can be with a 91-year-old for that matter. But in some other states, it would be illegal. Also in New Jersey, there are absolutely allowances for small gaps in age. People have to look up these laws with regards to where they live before just going by what they hear about on the internet. It's not illegal to ask; it's responsible.
flash Oct 13, 2012
yes he can because your not over the age of 18
and he also can because there is a four year difference in age
Answered Feb 15, 2010
Go for it. Sure he is your boyfriend...why you asking this question? and you should know your self if he is going to get u in trouble..
I like this guy...he is 21...i'm 17 as well..:D
and I am going to go out with him...
no matter what people say..sure thing he is not 40! so what's the matter?
Answered Feb 26, 2010
Edited Feb 26, 2010
Im 17 (tomorow) and my boyfriend will be 21 in April. But we live in the UK so its ok. It depends on where you live.
Answered Mar 04, 2010
It your choice,you love your boyfriend/girlfriend suffer with him/her. It love there no age matter in love just control yourself and do it this your life,go for it. There is a other thing I'm not going to take some one who is 90year old, can do nothing for it self can be my grandparent and this is a other generation there
11 year old that have kid you see there nothing you can't we in different stage and you 25 your is a grandparent. Love can do whatever.
Answered Mar 11, 2010
Depends on where you live your jurisdiction and the law. I am currently in the state of Florida and no that would not be illegal. The person who said 3 years difference is talking nonsense. In most countries the age of consent is 16. In the state of Florida, a 16 year old can date up to a 23 year old legally. However, you must consider that in every state you cannot break state law, and federal law, so eventhough the state law says its okay you could still get in trouble because of the federal law. However, in your case, he is only 4 years older then you, and probably well capable of dating you, just google up the law in your area and make sure for yourself if you are concern.
Answered Apr 02, 2010
Do what you know is right.

Does this person love you and care for you? Why would anyone want to press charges against you or him unless he hurts you or mistreats you? The law is there to protect people, not to make them prisoners.
Answered Dec 31, 2010
Im turning 18 in march and he turned 21 this past November but I'm pregnant so when boyfriend is going to sign for parenthood can he get in trouble?
Answered Feb 11, 2012
I am 17 and my boyfriend 22 can we get married? Is it legal? we stay in mississippi......
Answered Jul 20, 2012
yes it is because it is very illegal
Answered Apr 08, 2013

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