How do I transfer music from Ipod to my computor?

I recently got a new computor and need to transfer my music from my ipod to my computor as much of the music I bought from online sources etc and dont have CD's for.
How do I get the music on my ipod onto my computor without wiping my ipod clean and loosing all of my music?
Asked Jan 15, 2010
Well the reason why you can't normally transfer music from an iPod to a computer is to prevent people from just wildly copying music off their iPod to everyones computers, as this is stealing. Really what you should do is just use some form of external hard drive, flash drive, or burn a few data DVDs (assuming you have that much music) and copy it over manually. Another possibility is to connect the computers in a computer to computer network and do a file transfer.
Answered Jan 15, 2010
My old computor is dead, not turning on style dead. Theres no way I can copy the music across..
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Either of those will work equally well. You just take the hard drive out of your old computer, plug it into your new computer, and you can get every single solitary file that you had back. If you don't feel like delving into the unknown, any computer repair shop (for a small fee) can get the information off your old computer and give it to you on a couple of DVDs or whatever method is easiest for you.
Ok, thanks!
you have to let it upload
Answered Feb 06, 2010
Edited Feb 06, 2010
You can plug your ipod to your conputer first and then use your iTunes to easily backup it just by click the Backup Now on the right panel.
If you do not like iTunes, of course you can have a try to use another free software, iOS to PC transfer.
How to:
How to
Answered Sep 24, 2015

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