Friend lying constantly

---- have any of you ever had a friend who constantly lied? about the stupidest things? what did you do about it? ----

so i have this friend, who lies about the stupidest things. & sick things. She came to see me a few months ago, & just before she came, she was [in her own words] "upset & slashed her wrists & has lots of marks". 2 days later, she came to see me, she had a scratch on her arm, like something a cat would do to you. She was supposed to come & see me recently & i was chatting to her on msn.. well chatting at her, as i wasnt getting a reply. i was trying to sort her coming to see me, but she never replied. the next day, she texts me saying she wasnt coming cause i was ignoring her on msn. when i was chatting at her the WHOLE time. :(

Shes 19, & on the dole as she cant find a job. shes out drinking EVERY day of the week, with friends, one who is about 34 years old. =S ... shes been drinking for a good few years now she basically an alcoholic. she knows theres help out there but she wont get any. she has a stomach ulcer & STILL drinks, & smokes god knows what. Ive told her she needs to get out of that place and get help but she wont ******* listen. i dont care anymore {?!}

She went out with her mates a few weeks ago & when she went to get drinks, she came back & they were gone. She text me at 4am that morning, & being the doormat I am, I rang her for 3 hours; told her that those "mates" were ones she could do without etc etc etc. (they know she has an ulcer but they dont try to help her at all; they encourage her to drink if anything.) she called them all the names under the sun. she even talked about moving to the place where i live for a fresh start. blah blah blah. next day, she was out drinking. with the same people.

She started "modelling" in 2007. her pictures are so unprofessional & even my photographers said her pics look like they have been taken by friends. she hadn't had a photoshoot in so long.. I recently started modelling, then all of a sudden, she has an agent... which is bull, cause she cant model. so she organised a shoot, probably to piss me off.

about a month ago, she said she was all depressed & she said she was down to six stone & could see her stomach bones. less than a week later, she had photoshoot pictures up, taken the day after she told me she was six stone.. was she six stone? was she hell! I'm 8 & a half stone & she was AT LEAST a stone heavier than me. she has cellulite on her knees, her arms are not skinny, etc etc, why the hell does she have to lie all the time? its disgusting, seeing as some people out there cut their wrists when they're depressed etc, people out there are trying to put on weight, & she makes up these retarded lies. for what??

shes always going on about how depressed she is and wakes up in god knows whose bed god knows where. {her own words}. She'll tell me she has a boyfriend, then forget she told me while shes off sleeping with other people. then when i bring it up on msn, she ignores it.

I dont know why i bother :'(
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Asked Jan 14, 2010
When I was younger I was a compulsive liar. Seriously stupid things, I think it was to get attention...or sometimes I was embarrassed, didn't think just expressing my thoughts would be interesting enough...I don't know. It got really bad when I was....maybe 13. My friends got sick of it, and a few got hurt by my "tales".

It must have been so hard for them, gaining the courage to talk to me about it. They told me what they thought and how they felt and asked me questions about why I did it and stuff. It was embarrassing for everyone involved at first - but it wasn't like they were ganging up on me, or telling me our friendship was over. They were telling me I needed to change, but that they wanted to help if they could and understand. I was, and am still grateful for the second chance they gave me and the understanding. I was never angry at them - they handled it so well.

However, your friend is also living an unhealthy lifestyle - but by opening that bond and letting her feel she doesn't have to lie to you, she can trust you and be can probably help and have more influence in other sectors of her life.
Answered Jan 18, 2010
I was the same way when I was a kid. Then when I turned around, it was such an abrupt turn around that now I'm so honest that people get annoyed by it, hahaha. Anyways, I know what that's like being a compulsive liar as a kid.
wow u sound acc just like me I hav a friend like that who lied bout e-v-e-r-y thing it was unreal she said she met someone famouse -no names- then puts a pick of em on fb I typed it in n the friend pic on google images was that... stupid
Answered Sep 14, 2012
Edited Sep 14, 2012

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