I am 17 years old and i dont know how to have sex?

were you put the dick and how lond does it take to get pregnent? do i have to were both condoms on guys and girls when u have sex or can the guy only were it is it the same?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jan 13, 2010
Seriously are you brain dead or what? Even two year olds know how to have sex. *face plant*
Nikhita Apr 16, 2013
Put a penis inside a vagina and move it in and out.That is called fucking.Key component of sex.
Nikhita Apr 16, 2013
Yeah cause those people are 2 YEARS OLDER, not YOUNGER, Nikhita dummy
So Anonymous User is NOT brain dead, idiot
You know, you're only seventeen. I don't know if you're male or female. Whichever maybe, you don't have to push yourself to have sex. One day for sure it will happen when it should. Don't feel pressured because of all the things that you see and hear everyday. Take your time, and enjoy your life without sex. It is not a prerequisite to be an adult. You're not going to be turned down for a job if you never had sex. "DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY" Live your life, and one day you'll have sex when it comes to be. "God Bless You"
Answered May 03, 2010
You get a male condom, put it on, you put your penis inside her vagina, and she shouldn't do a pregnancy test till roughly two weeks after intercourse. If she has her period, she's not pregnant. Never use more than one condom at a time.
Answered Jan 13, 2010
Edited Jan 19, 2010
Your only 17years old you should really wait and have this experience.
Answered Feb 02, 2010
how old where you?

this person looks like they're asking real question, you don't even know them and you're telling them they're too young? wt heck?
this is not a bad thing...wait till marriage you will enjoy the experience more!!!!
Answered Feb 13, 2010
I learned sexual education by reading books like Sexology and other medical topics on sex. It was a wise approach since it prepared me to handle sex on the right perspective. I was able to have a very good relations to "all the girls I love before" and never impregnated or catch STD's.
Answered Feb 19, 2010
Come on People,Do you really need to have sex when you,re 17!wait untill about 22,In my Country(Syria)NO PEOPLE have sex untill at least 23(we don,t have boys and girls in high school in the same school)and no one really minds that!
Answered May 04, 2010
Although I'm all in favor of waiting, just because you wait till you're 23 in your country, doesn't mean you should push that belief on others. Also, this does not answer the question, therefore should be posted as a comment, not as an answer.
yeah thats in your country not ours so if there ready and there partner is ready then go for but make sure you or ya patner are wearing a condom I dont know if your a boy or girl and just remember maybe the girl should speak to there mum or a close friend.
Now, in sex, use a condom. Always use a condom even if its going to be for 5 minutes. A man can pre-cum at any time and you won't feel it. How me and my girlfriend does it, we start off with some slow kissing then it leads onto more and faster kissing. Then, you strip each other and take your cloth off, get on top if her and grind on her if you're a guy. Keep your underwear on or whatever you wear. When you're confident enough, then take off your underwear and slip on a condom. Continue with a little bit of kissing then back away and find her vagina, then take your penis and slide it in and so on. If you don't want her hurt, then before you go doing her vagina, then lick it to make it moist. A vagina is like a rubber band, it can be stretched but only when its wet. If it's dry, it will hurt and be pulled. So give her a few licks here and there then go on with the sex. When you are at the point to erect, make sure your still in her but wearing a condom if you don't want her pregnant. If you want, then continue to slide your penis in and out slowly for mainly your pleaser but hers too. When you're done, wait a little bit to make sure your done with your cum and take it off. Good luck, and don't forget to wear a condom :]

-p.s: from experience btw. trojan condoms work the best, it feels as if its not even there
Answered Feb 16, 2011
you should wait till you get 20.
Answered Feb 06, 2010
Edited Feb 06, 2010
how can you give this advice without even knowing this person? quit trolling.
20 are you serious have sex when you and your patner are ready.
wait till you get married..........
Answered Feb 25, 2010
the fact that you need to ask this question means you should def not have sex
Answered Mar 11, 2010
the guy should know what to do......just dont lay there
Answered Apr 27, 2010
Weather you want to wait or not is your choice alone, but if anything you should at least know what your doing so when the time does come you won't feel lost or confused, what you see on T.V. or movies is at best a "polished" version of the real thing, you can get an idea of what it will be like, but it's always different for everyone,if anything go to a book store (they usually have a whole row or section on the subject) and read through a few books, get to know different perspectives of what a man/woman want out of sex, how to make sure you both get what you want out of it and so on.

Waiting is okay, but that dosen't mean you shouldn't at least learn everything you can so that when your ready it will be great and don't stop learning there are always new things and ways of enjoying yourself and your partner just remember to be safe and make sure whatever it is you do it's what you want.
Answered May 03, 2010
the guy puts on a condom then sticks his dick either in her vagina, up her ass or in her mouth
Answered Dec 12, 2010
thats a nice way to put it lol
When you are in a commited relationship, she will show you what to do. Otherwise don't sweat it. Make sure she is over 18.
Answered Dec 24, 2010
so 17 year olds can only have sex with people a year older than them or more? What kind of advice is this?
hahahahahhahhahahahahaha I dnt think poepad nos wat shes talkin about lol :)
I didn't have sex until I was like 27. Not a big deal. You can learn at any time and plus there are so many other ways of being friends than just sex, and also all kinds of other ways of flirting and playing around. take your time and ask people older than you's opinion, not just other 17 year olds, they don't know everything about sex yet.

Or read about it:
Answered Dec 30, 2010
Edited Dec 30, 2010
You a 17 years old and you dont know how to have children too!
Maybe you need to Know that one first be for haveing Sex!

Answered Jan 02, 2011
Edited Jan 02, 2011
Only men where condoms
Answered Jan 14, 2011
That's a lie women can wear condoms too
U shld read books I sugest
Answered Oct 22, 2011
All you have to do is take your cock and tell your girl to open her legs and show her cunt. Now insert your cock in her cunt and push it in. Now pull your cock out and push it in again. Keep doing this continuously. That is called fucking.
Answered Mar 15, 2012
Wait till your weeding .is not bad thing
Answered Apr 04, 2012
Edited Apr 04, 2012
im 13 and I know this through school. we had sex ed and were forced to see diagrams and everything. Didn't you have sex education?
Answered Oct 20, 2012
I know , I thought all schools taught sex ed ?
Me two
if you dont want your girlfriend to get pregnant use condom....there is a surgery u can get to ...its were they tie ur tubes so the cant send sperm....girl can get surgery to but different thing ....ask doctor
Answered Dec 20, 2012
Answered Apr 10, 2013
listen , im 22 and had sex many times so here is what to do. If you are a male and dont want to get the woman pregnant wear a condom.slide you dick up her ass or vagina and just keep sliding it up and down continuasly .This is called fucking .
Answered Jun 27, 2013
good! if you haven't had sex talk from mom and dad, well, you shouldn't know!
Answered Aug 10, 2013
Well, if you're 17 and haven't had sex, be proud of that. I'm 20 and a virgin, and I'm proud of it. And, if you don't know that a condom is only for the guy, let alone where you put your ding-a-ling, you probably shouldn't be having sex anyway.
Answered Aug 10, 2013
you want to know watch porn simple as that!
Answered Sep 15, 2013
If you want to know how to have sexual fun the go you’re near escort agency like "japanesecompanions" where you can get sexy girls or guy for you to have sexual fun.
Answered Dec 17, 2015
Hey that's cool nothing wrong with that, there is no certain age where you have know about sex or to have sex, however it could've been to your benefit if you would've been sexually educated while you still young, but since you are sexually ignorant I would suggest that you do some research on sex education and learn as much as you can before attempting to engage in sexual relations.
Answered Dec 29, 2015

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