I can't stop smoking.

I have tried to quit smoking many times. Even with the help of stop smoking products of all kinds. I even have COPD. I have cut back, but can't seem to stop all together.
Asked Jan 13, 2010
well give it some time it might copme around & then you can see if you really want to quite i think it would be best for you cause my papaw just died yesterday morning from smoking so much in his lifetime!
i miss him but he isnt suffering any more!
Answered Jan 13, 2010
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Answered Jan 13, 2010
Who cares how many times someone ask a question. It's like any addiction you need support. Don't give up. I just quit March 2nd 2010. I also stopped smoking dope, and weed. So anything is possible, keep trying!
Answered Mar 21, 2010
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get the electronic cigarette....or get your doc to put you on something. chantix is suppose to be really good
Answered Mar 30, 2010
Never give up hope and keep trying. My aunt stopped smoking and she is 56. She only has 60% of her lung capasity because she smoked for 35 years. smoking is just another way of saying 'i won't to harm my body'.
Answered Apr 08, 2010
Small correction: It's, "I want to harm my body." not, "I won't to harm my body."
Sorry. My keyboard is kinda broken.
try try try smoking can only hurt you remember that and some people have been able to quit smoking through hypnosis.
Answered Apr 24, 2010
well I know somone who had the same prob and now they dont smoke any more u c all u have to do is take a pencil or loly pop stick and when ever u want to smoke one then u can take ur loly pop stick or pencil and put it in ur mouth and and do tht for like 1 month then u will stop.
Answered May 02, 2010
Everyday try to smoke less cigs, it will help! My sisters boyfriend couldn't stop smoking either,but he believed in himself and he smoked only 1 cig a day and then he finally quite. You can do it to!
Answered May 29, 2013
Edited May 29, 2013
Smoking is bad habit and injurious to health, we all know that.Its good that you are thinking to quit this bad habit. You can go for herbal incense. These are best substitute for traditional smoking blends. These are legal and have no bad effect. For more info about legal herbs one can visit
Answered May 10, 2014
Quitting smoking can be very hard work. My friend told me about her father, he wanted to quit smoking, what he did was that he smoked as many as cigarettes in one day to fulfill all his needs and it had to be the last day of smoking for him. Well, he did it haha... he could stop smoking wow! However, this way doesn't work for all people of course. I think it's really about your mind to control your action not your desire. Visit this website for help: http://more.sh/oMmoEf
Answered May 15, 2014
I agree with you. Its very difficult to quit smoking as one has to face various side effects of it. I'll suggest you to use e cigarettes, herbal incense, spice incense etc. These are healthy alternatives of tobacco and will help you in quitting smoking. For more details about such products one can visit
Answered Jul 24, 2014
I'll suggest you to try e cigarettes, legal smoking blend, spice incense etc. These are considered quite potent and handy in kicking this bad habit of smoking. For more information about such products you can visit
Answered Jul 24, 2014
It will all be okay ,Give the time some time.
Answered Jul 24, 2014
Everyday try to smoke much less cigarettes, it will help! My friend couldn't stop smoking possibly, but he believed in himself and he smoked only 1 cigarette a day and then he lastly quit smoking. You can also do it to!
Answered Aug 08, 2014
Hey just try more hard and try out the alternative device that will help you quit smoking for sure.
Answered Oct 14, 2014

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