How do i work out a fraction math problem?

I need to know how to show my work for an fraction problem? Like this one 34 x 6.4 1/2. I need to know how to do these kind of problems and how to work them out to show my work how I came up with the answer?
Asked Jan 12, 2010
Convert the whole numbers into fractions by multiplying by the least common multiple of the denominator of all the fractions, so they're all fractions, and solve from there.

Sorry for not giving a more in depth answer sooner, but I was late for something. Anyways, so 34*6.4 1/2, well this can be read in two different ways. Either 34 times 6.4 over 2, or 34 times 6.4 and a half. If it's the latter, then you do as I was explaining earlier. (68/2)*(13.8/2) which comes out to be 220.8
Otherwise, it's (34*6.4)/2 which comes out to be 108.8

Hope this helped.
Answered Jan 13, 2010
Edited Jan 13, 2010
fractions are easy if you can find something to use suck as pie, water, cups, or cake/foods so for a fraction problem if it is 1/2 + 2/4 then find common ground like 1/2 can be simplified to 2/4 so it becomes 2/4 + 2/4 then add the top number (numerator) to the other top number then it becomes 4/4 since the top is equal it becomes a hole number (1) if it was un even such as 3/4 + 2/4 =5/4 then you would take out 4 since the bottom number is 4 then there is 1 left over so it would be 1 1/4 (hope this helped) -lilyana
Answered Nov 02, 2021

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