What is the meaning of divorce in the Bible?

I need to know how the Lord feels about divorce?
Asked Jan 11, 2010
In the bible the meaning of divorce would be for two people who was said to say that they would stay together forever & love & cherish each other for the rest of their lives break up & no longer want each other!
Which in God's eyes is a sin & you have to ask for forgive ness!
Answered Jan 13, 2010
According to the bible there are both good reasons and bad reasons for it. Jesus said that in the kingdom of God it doesn't really matter. You need to find out what you feel for yourself, and ask lots of people their opinion. And ask God for guidance, of course.

What the bible says about divorce:
Answered Dec 30, 2010
he didnt say it didnt matter
the bible says that marige is the sacred matrimony of a male and female the only good reasons for divorce He gives is if the other has done somthing horrible against you or had sexual relations with someone else any other reson is a sin and needs to be forgiven try focus on the family google search
Answered Oct 21, 2011
At Malachi 2:16 it states that God hates a divorcing. But the bible does permit divorce. Jesus identified only one acceptable reason to end a marriage at Matthew 19:9-"I say to you that whoever divorces his wife (or husband), except on the grounds of sexual immorality, and marries another commits adultery." So the only grounds for divorce is if ones mate goes outside the marry in regards to sexual conduct to someone other than their spouse. A website that answers bible questions and from the the bible is www.jw.org
Answered Dec 20, 2013
Biblewise I think that divorce is only allowed by God if one of the people in the married couple had sexual relations with someone else before the marriage and didn't tell their spouse premarriage. I have lots of bible verses that support this if you want references. Really it is your decision but the bible says that God does not allow divorce and that if you remarry after a divorce not conforming with the previously stated rules, then you are committing adultery with your new spouse. Hope it helps. God bless.
Answered Jul 24, 2017
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Answered Jan 09, 2019

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