Has anybody ever heard of or deal with brown, davis, miller taxpreparation.

their website is: www.bdmfinancemgt.com. When itried to google it it returned me 0 results? And I am applying to work for them...isn't that strange?
Asked Jan 11, 2010
It's because google only returns results for things it can find. bdmfinancemgt.com has nothing on it right now because they're switching servers, so there's nothing for google to see.
Answered Jan 11, 2010
or, it is a scam to steal your identity and to sell your email and phone number, I was about to fill in the form for employement myself when I noticed very strange things about the site, you can't click or move to other parts of the site and there are repetitive question in the application and the interview will be held in an Inn??? a company who's gonna be paying you 55K a year does not have a room for interviews?

Answered Jan 11, 2010
Edited Jan 11, 2010
Thank you for this post. I too was "researching" due to a position that they contacted me for stating I was "qualified" for. And really switching servers is that the best you can do. I agree that if you are willing to pay 55K then you would have resources to hold interviews and you would be a "legitimate" company.
Answered Jan 17, 2010
i know one thing for sure- i am getting real tired of lookin on craigslist and finding jobs like these offering hecka money but they want a credit report, etc etc etc only to find out they r scams---its a shame really
kass Jan 21, 2010
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